The registration deadline for presenters is April 12. The virtual symposium will be held on Canvas on April 22–23.  Recipients of SEARCH grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research, students enrolled in courses with the “EUReka” designation and other undergraduate researchers will present their work during the event.

“While conducting research or other forms of original scholarship is an incredibly valuable experience for students, sharing the results of their work beyond the lab, classroom or studio enriches the experience,” said Jane Greer, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship. “Communicating with a diverse audience about project goals, methods and key results has practical applications in any future career or field of graduate study.”

During the symposium students can present their work using research posters, audio or video presentations, narrated PowerPoint slides or other methods appropriate for the project and supported by Canvas. All members of the UMKC community are encouraged to visit the symposium site to learn about the students’ projects on April 22–23.

More information and presenter registration is available online.