Congratulations! The article you submitted to a prestigious journal has been accepted! Now, you need to sign the publisher’s Author Agreement to publish.

FACT: The more your article gets read, the more likely it is to be cited.

FACT: Only researchers who subscribe to the journal (very few), or readers at subscribing libraries have direct, unfettered access to many publishers’ journal articles.

OFTEN TRUE: Open Access (OA) is an option, but the publisher charges an article processing charge (APC) that is too expensive and likely not in your budget.

Before signing the Author Agreement, read it closely and find out if it contains Article Sharing policies. Here are examples from Elsevier Journals, SAGE Publications, Taylor & Francis and Wiley.

If you don’t know the publisher of the journal, you can look up the Article Sharing policies, along with Open Access policies, in SHERPA/ROMEO by using the journal title or ISSN.

Then, knowing your Author Rights: archive the appropriate article (pre-print, approved manuscript, or as-published PDF) in MOspace, our institutional repository!

FACT: Items in MOspace, unless restricted by the author, are open and accessible.

FACT: Once in MOspace, articles will be findable through search engines like Google Scholar.

FACT: MOspace makes your articles easily findable and linkable for Promotion & Tenure processes and use with MyVita.

With your paper now shared, sign that publisher agreement. Congratulations!

UMKC Libraries can help you with any questions you might have on your rights as an author and sharing your work! Contact Brenda Dingley, Head of Collections and Scholarly Communications, for assistance.