Grieco’s book, title The Rio de la Plata from Colony to Nations: Commerce, Society, and Politics, contains essays that examine recent scholarship on the history of the Rio de la Plata region, present-day Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil. They range from the colonial period to the nineteenth century.

“Contributions privilege trans-national and Atlantic approaches to the Rio de la Plata, emphasizing the inter-connections of processes beyond imperial and national lines, and aiming at uncovering the history of Africans and Amerindians, popular classes, women, urban groups, as well as the partnerships created across the Spanish and Portuguese imperial borders,” Grieco said. “Furthermore, each chapter offers historiographical introductions covering scholarship produced in the twenty-first century.”

Frehner’s The Greater Plains features leading historians, geographers, anthropologists and archaeologists to chronicle a past rich with paradoxical successes and failures, conflicts and cooperation but also continual adaptation to the challenging and ever-shifting environmental conditions of the North American heartland.

“The volume I co-edited tries to put forth different stories to consider how humans may have adapted to environmental change over hundreds of years rather than simply cause decline and despoliation,” Frehner said. “The project was the final product of a National Science Foundation grant we received to study the topic.”