UMKC believes it is important for students to have access to affordable protection for the major investment they have made in higher education. As a result, UMKC has recently partnered with GradGuard™ to offer the Tuition Protection Plan. UMKC will be providing this opportunity for all students to purchase when they receive their first billing statement through Touchnet for the fall 2021 semester.

Under the UMKC withdrawal policy, students may not be eligible for a full refund if they have to withdraw from courses. Whether students pay for school from personal savings, college savings plans or through student loans, they still may owe for tuition, room/board and fees for the semester.

The Tuition Protection Plan can help protect their investment if they have to withdraw unexpectedly for a covered illness, injury or mental health reason. This plan complements and enhances the UMKC refund policy so they can enjoy more peace of mind. As a faculty member you may want to recommend that all students consider the Tuition Protection Plan, because life doesn’t always go by the book. Students and/or parents can purchase prior to the first day of class.

For answers to questions, you can connect with a tuition insurance specialist at (877) 794-6603. UMKC is not compensated if students choose to purchase the Tuition Insurance Plan. UMKC offers this insurance because we care about our students. The enrollment date is based on the undergrad academic calendar. If students are not an undergraduate, sign-up dates may vary. Enrollment must be before the first day of class for the program of study.