Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams Updates

Over the next month, Microsoft will be adding some new features to Teams that are designed to help with hybrid work environments. This will include the ability for the video camera to track who is speaking when multiple people are in the same location, such as a conference room on campus.

Microsoft is also adding new reporter and side-by-side options when you are presenting within Teams. These new views can help better engage with your audience. More information can be found at Microsoft: Engage your audience with presenter modes (

Microsoft 365Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

To help keep university information safe Data Loss Prevention (DLP) will be enabled for email, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive on Sept. 30. DLP will automatically notify you if you attempt to share any unencrypted message containing sensitive information to someone outside the university. For more information, please visit: Data Loss Prevention | University of Missouri System (

Although our new DLP technology provides an extra line of data security, it's still your obligation to follow university information security policies and share information responsibly. Failure to follow such policies may result in appropriate disciplinary actions.

For questions regarding DLP, please email