Collins is a UM System alum, earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia and her masters here at UMKC. She earned her doctorate at the University of Kansas. Her career began in K-12 public schools, working as a teacher and administrator for 25 years. In 2012, she joined the Regional Professional Development Center as its senior director. She took on the role of executive director at the International Center for Supplemental Instruction in 2017.

“I am a student-centered thinker, regardless of the age of the student,” Collins said. “I always want the best things for students. This work has a mission. We are here to support students through their academics, and there's nothing more important than that. I was very fortunate to be in the role and learn so much from the expertise while I was here in this in this office.

Jessica Elam, the current associate director of the International Center for Supplemental Instruction, will be filling the role in the interim.

“I wanted to work with students here and instill that passion for supplemental instruction and work with people all over the globe,” Elam said. “I’m eager for this new opportunity to support students, not only academically, but in any way they need to be supported. That's so important to us, that holistic approach.”

Elam earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida Atlantic University and came to UMKC to support the Center as a solo coordinator and lead trainer in 2015. She has taught supplemental instruction workshops all over the country.