Katherine Bloemker of the School of Computing and Engineering and David Kenner of the Bloch School of Management will present how UMKC faculty members can teach from diverse disciplines to help their students develop the writing skills they need to succeed in their college studies and future careers. Topics covered include engaging assignments, strategies, successes and challenges in teaching writing at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

In addition to Kenner and Bloemker, speakers will include Marcus Meade, the graduate writing specialist in the Writing Studio and School of Graduate Studies, Aaron Reed of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and David Trowbridge of the College of Arts and Sciences. This event is open to all UMKC instructors and is sponsored by the University Writing and Reading Board (UWRB) and the Center for Faculty Excellence (CAFE).

The webinar will be facilitated by Thomas Ferrel and Henrietta Rix Wood. To register for this event, go to https://net3.umkc.edu/intapps/onlineworkshops/home/workshopDetail/1701. For more information, contact Henrietta Rix Wood at woodhr@umkc.edu