By Lona Davenport, sher,her,hers, Senior Program Coordinator, Division of Diversity and Inclusion

The UMKC Division of Diversity and Inclusion, in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management in response to our students’ request to have more intentional conversations regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging crafted the Diversity Ambassador Program in line with pillar 4: Foster an environment of invigorating multiculturalism, globalism, diversity, and inclusion.

Diversity Ambassadors are trained facilitators of diversity peer education and intergroup dialogues. Ambassadors lead, support, and organize diversity and inclusion training and special events.

The Diversity Ambassadors work collaboratively with UMKC student leaders, faculty, and staff to provide learning opportunities, promote inclusion, develop interpersonal communication, and leadership skills, as well as the opportunity to build community and relationships across the UMKC community.

We are now accepting requests for Diversity Ambassador Dialogue Sessions! Session requests must be made at least two weeks in advance and are subject to the team’s availability. Dialogue sessions are free for the UMKC student community. Visit our website to read more about the topics Diversity Ambassadors facilitate and request a session for your student organization, group, or course!

For questions, please contact Lona Davenport at or 816-235-6510.