The first Roo Advising Awards recognized dedicated service as well as career milestones.

“We wanted the team to know that we recognize the sheer amount of work that advisors do,” Pam Asher, MAP manager says. “It was important to show that we understand and that we value them.”

Tammy Welchert, Ph.D., director of academic advising, and Kristi Holsinger, Ph.D., senior vice president for student success, hosted the awards.

“Roo Advising is comprised of advisors with years of experience and advisors new to advising,” Welchert said. “Together, we have created a department that is positively impacting the lives of our students and UMKC. We have seen an increase in retention and graduation rates, due to the exceptional advising you deliver.”

She noted the critical contribution that mentoring provides.

“Information is shared, behaviors are learned, examples are set, and expectations are clarified.  Mentors are critical to our practice and continue to move us forward in our goal to deliver an exceptional advising experience.”

The committee presented the following awards:

Roo Advising Outstanding Advising Mentor

Poppy Di Candeloro, Arts & Cultural Studies/Exploratory and Flex Maps

Bridget Jones, Business & Management MAP

Chainy Folsom, Human Behavior, Education and Justice MAP

Jennifer Lyles, Natural & Health Sciences MAP

Bethany Jordan, Numbers, Engineering, Technology & the Cosmos MAP

Excellence in Advising (New Advisor) Award

Krystal Brier, Business & Management MAP

Excellence in Advising for Advisor I & II

Jennie Scott, Numbers, Engineering, Technology and the Cosmos MAP

Excellence in Advising for Senior Advisor I & II Award

Erin Gauer, Numbers, Engineering, Technology and the Cosmos MAP

Each MAP team in Roo Advising was asked to select an individual or department they felt has provided exceptional support to their MAP for the last academic year.

2023 Partnering in Exceptionalism Awards

Arts & Cultural Studies/Exploratory/FLEX MAP

Susi Krulewich, director of the PAL Program.

Business-Management MAP

Nancy Wilkinson, Student Services director for the Henry W. Bloch School of Management.

Human Behavior, Education & Justice MAP

Dr. Kym Bennett, undergraduate director psychology

Numbers, Engineering, Technology, and the Cosmos MAP

Amy Carlson, senior associate registrar

Natural Health Sciences MAP

Casey Bauer, director of Student Services for the School of Nursing and Health Studies

Partnering in Exceptionalism
Awarded from the office support staff to recognize exceptional service to students, faculty and staff

The Scofield Hall cleaning crew, Jessica Rasha, Tyrone Duckworth and Almaz Wassie

Partnering in Exceptionalism
Awarded by Dr. Welchert

Office of the Registrar

Arts & Cultural Studies Students’ Choice Award

Nick Gillock

Business and Management Students’ Choice Award

Krystal Brier

Exploratory/FLEX Students’ Choice Award

Austin Carter

Human Behavior, Education, & Justice Students’ Choice Award

Nick Chappell

Numbers, Engineering, Technology & the Cosmos MAP Students’ Choice Award

Bethany Jordan

Natural & Health Sciences MAP Students’ Choice Award

Zac Burns

Everyone involved in a MAP team received a “Dundie Award,” inspired by the television show, “The Office,” highlighting their outstanding qualities. MAP managers, Academic Advising support staff, graduate assistants and student employees were individually recognized for their outstanding, and sometimes humorous, qualities.

In conclusion, Welchert encouraged attendees to be thinking about nominees for next year's awards, as this was the first ceremony, but not the last.

“As we journey together in the next year, be thinking about this time of celebration and different members of Roo Advising and UMKC who make a difference in your life and in the lives of our students.”