The UMKC Trustees Board recently approved enhancements to the program, which will begin with the 2024-25 academic year cohorts of scholars:

Global experience program. Provide a $5,000 stipend to scholars to study abroad for a semester, a summer or an intercession term. Scholars can select from a Trustee-curated list of more than 50 programs around the globe. Funds typically earmarked for UMKC tuition and housing would also be directed toward paying expenses. A gift from Trustee Doranne Hudson and her husband, Randy, is funding the first five years of stipends. The donors also plan to host an annual dinner with the entire scholar cohort. This generous gift is renewable for another five years.

Structured community service. By partnering with designated nonprofit organizations curated by UMKC staff, scholars can make an impact in the community and enhance their soft skills with professionals. Each scholar cohort year will select an organization in the city for their year-long community service partner. Trustee Dick Flanigan and his wife, Laura, have made a gift to provide each scholar cohort for the next five years with $500 to spend and invest in their work with the nonprofit. The funding adds another layer to their service, making the experience even more impactful and meaningful.

Extended mentoring. Since the program’s inception, scholars have been paired with a Trustee or community leader at the beginning of their first year who serves as their mentor throughout their undergraduate career at UMKC. Now, that mentorship will extend a year after graduation.

Housing stipend increase. First- and second-year scholars are required to live in a residence hall. Costs are covered by the scholarship. Third- and fourth-year scholars receive $1,000 per semester for off-campus housing. Now, these scholars will receive $2,000 per semester.