UMKC Staff Recognized at the 2024 Meeting of the Minds Conference

Meeting of the Minds is an annual health, safety, and well-being conference designed to help campus professionals address the critical health behaviors of college & university students. The conference brings together student peer educators, student affairs professionals, campus and local law enforcement and public safety professionals, campus counseling, health, and well-being professionals, and alcohol and other substance misuse prevention professionals for 3 days of professional development, educational sessions, and networking.

UMKC Staff members, Aly Frydman and Sabrina Monsees (pictured above), awarded the “Outstanding Professional” designation at this year's Meeing of the Minds Conference.

Aly Frydman was recognized for her long hours co-chairing the UMKC Partners in Prevention (PIP) coalition, helping to organize various campus constituents to prevent sexual and relationship violence, alcohol and drug misuse, and enhance general health/wellness for our student population. She also plans and facilitates all of the educational events RISE offers, and supports Michelle Kroner in doing client services such as sending outreach and providing confidential support to UMKC students and employees in crisis. 

Sabrina Monsees was recognized for her service on the UMKC PIP coalition and support of their work, including the Safe Spring Break Health Fair, which reached many of our students in March.  Sabrina is also recognized for exhibiting incredible empathy and compassion to everyone she works with, complainants, respondents, and witnesses alike. Sabrina is able to listen, validate, and promptly respond to concerns to identify the best possible solution, while maintaining the professionalism and neutrality required by her investigative role. 

Student Brenna Cronin (pictured above) received the “Outstanding Student” designation for her work as a peer educator for RISE. Peer educators are crucial in reaching and connecting with students, and Brenna does this weekly by supporting the RISE events, relating to students who visit the RISE tables or office, and spreading educational awareness about the problems of sexual and relationship violence. Brenna does all this while facing her own pressures of student life, and continuously maintains a calm and warm demeanor toward everyone. 

A huge congratulations and thank you to Aly, Sabrina, and Brenna for all of your hard work and dedication to the UMKC community.