Welcome to Campus Mediation Services at the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

The intent of this website is to let you know who we are and what we do to serve the needs of UMKC employees. We want to assist in giving you the best possible work environment. We provide tools and help that enable you to effectively deal with workplace issues and conflicts.

Campus Mediation Services

CMS is a program mandated by the University of Missouri system and designed to assist employees to find resolution to their workplace conflicts. Every campus of the UM system has a Campus Mediation Services program director.

Mediation is a structured communication process for people wanting to work out a conflict. It is an informal process led by an neutral, trained mediator to help the parties engage in dialogue about the interests and issues of all involved and come to solutions the parties mutually create and agree to.

Getting Started

If you have a conflict you would like to have mediated or to make a referral, contact Campus Mediation Services.  

Online Referral Form Printable Referral Form (PDF)

Although you will not be asked about the details, some basic information will be collected about you, the other person, the circumstances and your availability. You will be provided with additional information about mediation and will have a chance to ask questions before scheduling anything. Although it is not required, you will be encouraged to notify the other person of your interest in trying mediation.

Campus Mediation Services will follow-up and contact the other person about your interest in mediation and will schedule the mediator and make all arrangements if all parties are willing to participate. You will be asked to complete an evaluation at the end of the mediation (you are not required to identify yourself).

Campus Mediation Services will make every effort to schedule your mediation within two weeks of initial contact.

*Individuals with speech or hearing impairments may call Relay Missouri at (800) 735-2966 (TT) or (800) 735-2466 (voice).

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