African American History & Culture House (AAHCH)

Affectionately known by students as “The Culture House”, it serves as a physical space for UMKC to enhance and enrich the general understanding of and participation in African-American intellectual culture.

  • Provides the UMKC community with cultural and intellectual activities and events that are unique to the African-American experience
  • Provides a supportive environment for educational, social and leisure time activities that foster the personal and intellectual growth of UMKC’s African-American students, staff and faculty
  • Develops linkages with academic and non-academic units of the University
  • Serves as an indirect support resource for the recruitment and retention of African-American undergraduate students

Common uses for the Culture House:

  • Host a meeting or an event in our multi-room facility
  • Access our library of African-American materials
  • Host a study group 

Note: All reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Requests for events held outside our normal business hours must be submitted three weeks in advance. Requests for weekend events must be made one month in advance.

The Village

“The Village” is located within the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The space can hold 60 people and has A/V capabilities and computer services. Student Organizations may reserve this space for meetings or events simply by contacting Phyllis LaMaster (816-235-1109).

Want a fun place to interact with other students? Need a place to relax and re-energize between classes? Looking for a space to review notes or review with your study group? The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs features services to meet almost any need.