Special Events Parking

Parking fees for special events may be paid for in advance by event organizers or the university. For parking information about a particular event, check your ticket or invitation, or contact an event organizer.

Any time you are holding an event on campus, you should notify the Parking Operations office by completing a Special Event Parking Request Form. Even if you are simply asking for one cone to be placed in a lot for a VIP, we need to have the form completed for our records.

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Special Events Parking Policy

Parking is an important consideration when planning an event on campus. If there is a problem with parking, it reflects poorly on the event sponsor, the university and Parking Operations. Anyone sponsoring an event on campus is therefore requested to coordinate their events with Parking Operations so parking becomes a non-event.

Parking regulations are enforced, and parking violations are issued from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., Monday-Friday, so it is important that all requests for event parking, even those held in the evening, are coordinated through the Parking Operations Department.

All requests for special event parking should be made to Parking Operations
  • Requests should be made at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.
  • There will be an additional late fee of up to $200 for requests made less than 36 hours before the reservation start date.  The minimum late request fee will be double the regular cost for the reservation.
  • Requests must be made by submitting the special event request form using the link below.
  • The form can be submitted online, or by mailing a printed copy to the Parking Operations Department.
  • Parking Operations will work closely with the department to meet parking needs with the available parking resources.
  • If the request can be accommodated, an email confirmation will be submitted to the event organizer detailing the location of where event attendees should park.
  • If the request cannot be accommodated, the event coordinator will be contacted to discuss parking alternatives for the event.

Choices for event parking on the UMKC campus – subject to availability

  • Specific spaces in a lot may be reserved by blocking off spaces. The usual cost is $15 per space but may be more or less depending on the number of spaces requested or the location of the requested spaces. This type of request is usually reserved for VIPs attending an event.
  • A lot may be reserved by requesting no violations be issued in an area during a specified time. This type of reservation does not guarantee the lot will be empty or open only to the guests of a given event. The cost is determined by the area requested, the amount of time the request is made for and the number of guests in attendance. The usual rates for smaller surface lots (50 spaces or fewer) is $200 per hour for events held by non-university affiliated groups, and $100 per hour for events held by the university. The usual rate for larger surface lots (more than 50 spaces) or portions of a parking structure is $300 per hour for non-university-affiliated events and $150 per hour for events held by the university.
  • Universitywide events such as commencement, convocation and fundraising events may not require parking fees. Fees for other events, including but not limited to conferences and not-for-profit events will be determined on an individual basis.
  • A department may purchase visitor hangtags for an event. The hangtags are valid for one day. The current rate is $7 per hangtag with a bulk rate of $5 per hangtag for purchases of more than 200 hangtags. There are no refunds issued for unused permits, but they may be used in the future if the date information on the tag has not been scratched off.
  • If it is necessary for Parking Service officers to be present to assist or to manage parking cones, there will be a charge of $20 per hour, per officer.
  • Our campus cannot accommodate parking for any vehicle larger than a standard parking space. No bus parking on campus.
  • Payment must be made in advance. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or department MoCode.

Department Guests

University departments may purchase visitor hangtags for guests by using the request form. Visitor hangtags are $7 per hangtag and are valid for one day with a bulk rate of $5 per hangtag for purchases of more than 200 hangtags. They can be valid for any day by scratching off the day, month and year.


Departments should complete the Special Event Parking Request form. Conference parking is limited, and therefore, departments should make their requests as soon as possible.

Conference Guests

Conference guests should contact their hosts for parking information.