RAVE Guardian Safety App

Information about the RAVE Guardian Safety App

The University of Missouri-Kansas City utilizes RAVE Guardian, a free mobile app that turns your smartphone into a personal safety device.

You can invite friends and family to join your network as “Guardians.”  You can then request one or more of your Guardians to virtually walk with you on or off campus.

RAVE Guardian Timer Map

RAVE Guardian has a feature that allows you to call the UMKC Police Department while providing your GPS location to police dispatchers.

RAVE Guardian Call UMKCPD

Another option is to talk through text with our police dispatchers using the "Submit Tip" option.  Using this you can text, and even send pictures, to our dispatchers if you are unable to make a phone call. 

RAVE Guardian Submit Tip 


The UMKC Police Department encourages all students, faculty, and staff to enhance their personal safety. Download the free RAVE Guardian app at the Apple store or Google Play store.  Explore the app features at RAVE Guardian.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use RAVE Guardian?

The application is available for use to all currently registered students, staff, and faculty of the University of Missouri system. Subscribers to the application must use their UMKC SSO to log in.

Does RAVE Guardian transmit UMKC ALERT! emergency text and phone messages?

Yes. However, we recommend you still opt-in for UMKC ALERT! to send text, phone, and/or email messages to your designated options.  RAVE will only alert you through the Guardian app. Click here to view the UMKC ALERT! webpage.

Is the UMKC Police Department notified every time my safety timer expires?

No. UMKC Police will only be notified if you or your guardian choose to make contact. UMKC Police will NOT be notified.

Will RAVE Guardian let other people like my family or friends track me?

Yes. Those whom you invite to be your “Guardian” during a Safety Timer session will have the capability of tracking your GPS location. The Guardian will receive an invitation via text to view in their web browser. They must accept the invitation to be a Guardian.

What if I forget to turn off my Safety Timer?

When using the Safety Timer, the user will receive a reminder text message 5 minutes before expiring. If it expires, a message immediately goes to your chosen guardian(s) and they can choose to text or call your cell phone.

Are the tips sent through RAVE Guardian confidential?

Yes. All messages sent through the RAVE Guardian app are confidential.

Is my profile information collected and sent to UMKC Police?

Under “My Account,” you will be able to upload a photo for identification purposes and list Emergency Contacts, Vehicles, Addresses, and pertinent Medical Information. You can provide as much information as you like during the registration process. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for officers to locate you if necessary.

The only way UMKC Police will be able to see any information in your profile is if you make an emergency call or send a tip. Personal profile information is treated confidentially.

Does RAVE Guardian work off-campus?

Yes. However, if you have an emergency at an off-campus location, you should dial 911 for an emergency response. If you send a tip that is not on campus, the information will be forwarded to the off-campus law enforcement agency.

Can I still contact UMKC Police if I do not use the app?

Yes. You can contact the UMKC Police Department at 816-235-1515. When on-campus you can call our number, use any emergency blue light phone, or walk into our lobby at 5005 Oak Street, Kansas City MO 64112.

If I am no longer a student of UMKC or am inactive from the university, will I be able to use the RAVE Guardian service? 

You will not be able to use the features of RAVE Guardian when you are no longer a student, staff, or faculty member. However, your Guardian account remains active until you delete it.

What if UMKC is not the default organization when I use RAVE Guardian?

If you use your UMKC SSO to log into the app and UMKC is not listed as your organization, please email your contact information to umkcpd@umkc.edu.

Download the RAVE Guardian app

Download the free RAVE Guardian app at the Apple store or Google Play store.