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Registration, add and drop

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Registering for classes

Registration is just a fancy word for enrolling in classes. At UMKC the terms registration, enrollment, and adding classes are all interchangeable. For all the steps to becoming a student at UMKC, see the Registration Quick Guide.

When you register for a class, you are obligated to pay for that class, unless you take action to drop that class during the 100% refund period. For more information about fees, see the Cashier’s Statement of Financial Responsibility.

Registration timeline and appointments, click here

There are specific start and end dates for registration. Currently enrolled students receive a "priority registration start date" when they can first begin registering for upcoming semesters. Students will be e-mailed their registration appointment time or they may look up their registration appointment time on Pathway two to three weeks before registration begins. Student should seek academic advising prior to their registration appointment time.

All other students must wait for "open registration." For specific dates, see the Academic Calendar, Registration Quick Guide, or Registration and Drop date schedule.

Note: A fee of $50 will be charged to students who register on the first day of classes or later.

Instructions for reviewing your specific appointment date and time.

  1. Log on to Pathway
  2. Click on Self Service
  3. Click on Student Center
  4. Your registration appointment date is displayed in a box on the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Click on Details to look up the specific time on that date when you may begin registering.
  6. Your registration appointment is a start date and time. You may continue to add or drop classes at any time after your registration date/time until the first week of class.
  7. New students may begin registering on the Open Enrollment date, usually 3-4 weeks after priority registration begins.
  8. Students may continue to add classes through the first week of class; however, a fee of $50 will be charged to students who register on the first day of classes or later.

How to select courses and classes, click here

  1. Consult an Academic Advisor or the Catalog, DARS, or Major Maps to help you determine which courses are required for your selected major.
  2. Select the specific sections of courses (these are called classes) you wish to enroll in for the upcoming semester:
    1. Log on to Pathway
    2. Click on Self Service
    3. Click on Class Search/Browse Catalog
    4. Select the term from the drop-down menu
    5. Select the “Search for Classes” option
    6. Search for the course you want to take to see if and when it is offered (see the Class Search FAQ if you need assistance)
    7. Each section has a 5-digit “class number” that you use to register for the class. It is displayed with the “Section” on the Schedule of classes.

    Example: Section: 0001-LEC(10007). The 5-digit number in parenthesis (10007) is the “class number” that you use to register for that section of the course.

Fee exchange for registration changes after a term begins, click here

Tuition assessed on dropped credit hours will apply to added credit hours as follows provided drops and adds are completed within the same day and on the same registration form. Students may drop and add classes between sessions. Students may drop and add classes for exchanged tuition through the last day of the term as long as all other registration requirements are met (such as permission for late add, approved petition for late withdrawal, required signatures, etc.). The fee exchange policy supersedes the standard refund schedule for class changes within a semester. Retroactive changes do not qualify for fee exchange.

  • When the number of hours dropped is equal to the number of hours added, the tuition remains the same.
  • When the number of hours dropped is less than the number of hours added, the tuition for the dropped hours is removed, and tuition for the additional hours is added.
  • When the number of hours dropped is more than the number of hours added, the tuition remains the same.

For examples, click here.

Cross Campus Enrollment, click here

Are you a current undergraduate degree seeking student Interested in taking a class at another UM campus? Cross campus enrollment will allow you to take a class(s) at another UM Campus. Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available. You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus.

If you are a current undergraduate degree seeking student at UMKC wanting to take classes at another UM campus, simply log into Pathway and navigate to your Student Center. Under the Academics area you will see a link to Enroll: MU, MST, and UMSL. Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available. You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus. To participate, select the campus you would like to visit, the term you intend to take the class in, read and check the acknowldegement, and submit. You will receive an email from the campus you are visiting with instructions related to your next steps.

If you are a student at another UM school, please visit Joe's, MyZou, or MyView and follow the instructions above.

FAQ for UMKC students interested in attending another UM Campus

FAQ for UM Students interested in attending UMKC

Pathway Cross Campus Enrollment Guide

Adding Classes

Students may add classes through the first week of the term, after that date, they must obtain both the instructor's signature and their advisor's signature to add any classes.

Adding classes, click here

  1. Log on to Pathway.
  2. Click on Self Service.
  3. Click on Student Center.
  4. Click on Add a Class.
  5. You may either search for the class using the Class Search feature or if you already know the class number, type it into the Class Number box.
  6. When you find the class you want, click the yellow select button. On the next page, check the Enrollment Requirements and Class Notes to make sure you want that section of the course. Click the yellow Next button.
  7. This places the class in your enrollment shopping cart. Placing classes in your enrollment shopping cart does not guarantee you a spot in the class until you finish enrolling in the class.
    1. If later you decide to not take the classes, make sure to remove them from your shopping cart so the system does not automatically enroll you.
    2. If the class is full and has a waitlist, you may add yourself to the waitlist by attempting to add the class. If there is space on the waitlist, you will be added to the waitlist.
  8. Once you have all the classes you want in your enrollment shopping cart, click the "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" button.
  9. You must now review and agree to the Statement of Financial Responsibility.
  10. Review your classes one last time and click Finish Enrolling.
  11. You will get a green checkmark for each class you have successfully added. If you do not get to the green checkmark, you are not enrolled in the class yet.
    1. If a class is full or you don't meet the prerequisites, you will get a red X. You may need to select a different class.
For more detailed instructions, click here.

Schedule Planner, click here

Schedule Planner is a web-based application accessible from Pathway that allows students and academic advisors to generate optimized variations of class schedules, taking into account the student's desired breaks and schedule conflicts as well as course availability.

  1. Quick guide (PDF)
  2. Pathway Schedule Planner (video)
  3. Student reference guide (PDF) or text only 
  4. Advisor reference guide (PDF)

Steps for adding classes in-person, via mail or fax, click here

  1. Print an add/drop form, or pick one up from the Registration and Records Office or the Student Services/Advising Office in your academic unit.
  2. Fill out the add/drop form with the class that needs to be added.
  3. Bring the add/drop form to the Registration and Records Office, mail it or fax it.

Class permission, click here

If a class is limited to a specific population of students, you may have to get permission to add it to your schedule. The department offering the course can enter this permission in Pathway so you can register yourself, or they can sign-off on an add/drop form.

Graduate Enrollment in Undergraduate Courses, click here

Beginning Summer 2014, graduate students who wish to enroll in undergraduate courses, regardless of how these courses count towards a graduate degree program, will be required to complete a Undergraduate Course Authorization form.

For additional details , click here.

Wait lists, click here

Some classes may have wait lists available in Pathway. If the class is full, and the wait list is available, it will be indicated on the Schedule of Classes with a yellow triangle. To add yourself to the wait list, follow the procedure to add the class. To remove yourself from the wait list, you need to follow the same steps for dropping a class.

If space becomes available prior to the start of the term, the system will attempt to add you to the class. You will be notified via your UMKC e-mail address as to whether you were added to the class. If you no longer wish to be registered for the class, please drop the class via Pathway.

If the system encounters one or more registration errors when attempting to add you to the course, an e-mail notification will be sent providing the registration error the system encountered. The system will attempt to add the next person to the wait list, but you will not lose your position on the wait list. Please note that we are not currently able to report more than one registration error in the e-mail notification even if you have multiple registration issues. Possible registration errors:

  • Time Conflict: If you are enrolled for another class at the same time as your waitlisted class, the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Max hours exceeded: If enrolling in the waitlisted class would put you over your term credit hour limit (17 hours for most undergraduate students), the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Registration hold: If you have a registration hold on your account, the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Enrollment Requirement: If you do not meet the enrollment requirement for the course. For example passing the appropriate math placement exam, the WEPT exam, or if you must be admitted into a specific major (Chemistry, Business, Nursing, etc.) to enroll in the course.

To view where you are on the wait list navigate to Self Service > Student Center and click on the My Class Schedule link. If you are on a wait list, the status for the class will be "Waiting" and a Waitlist Position number will be displayed. If you are in position 1, that means you are first on the list and will be first to be enrolled if space becomes available.

If you have not been automatically added to the class by the third day of the term, the only option for adding the class is getting special permission from the instructor. The instructor will need to sign-off on an add/drop form and you will need to bring it in-person to the Registration & Records office to add the course.

For detailed wait list instructions, click here.

Adding classes after the deadline, click here

Students can add classes via Pathway through the first week of the semester. After that, they must get an instructor signature to add a class late. The steps for getting officially enrolled in a class after the first week are:

  1. Print an add/drop form, or pick one up from the Registration and Records Office or the Student Services/Advising Office in your academic unit.
  2. Fill out the add/drop form with the class that needs to be added.
  3. Have the instructor for the class initial in the "Late Add" box and sign on the end of the line for that class.
  4. Have your academic adviser sign the form at the bottom.
  5. Bring the add/drop form to the Registration and Records Office to be manually put in the class. The Registration and Records office is in room 115 of the Administrative Center, located at 5115 Oak St. You can also mail or fax the add/drop form if you are unable to bring it by in person.

Pathway registration error messages, click here

If you attempt to register for a class and receive a red X indicating the class could not be added, it also gives you a message to tell you why the class could not be added. The possible messages and how to resolve each is listed below.

  • Access denied. You have not granted your consent to do business with the University online. Click on the UM E-consent link in the blue Pathway menu on the left, grant consent, and re-log in to Pathway.
  • This is not a valid class number. The class number is the 5-digit reference number that tells the computer which section of a particular course you want to enroll in (e.g. 45678). Spring class numbers all begin with the number 1, summer class numbers begin with a 3 and fall class numbers begin with a 4.
  • You have already taken this class. You have now exceeded the repeatable limit for this class. Verify that this class will apply toward your course of study. This is only a warning message. You have been enrolled in the class, but you should double-check with your adviser that it will count toward your degree. If you are retaking a class to improve your GPA, you must complete a form in the Registrar’s office for the previous grade to be removed from your GPA.
  • You have a hold on your record. The hold on your record must be removed before this transaction can be processed. To view the holds on your record, return to Self-Service > Student Center. Holds are displayed in a blue box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click the "details" link to get more specific information about your holds. Viewing your holds
  • Unable to add this class—requisites have not been met. Check the class description for a list of enrollment requirements. Some classes are restricted to students in specific majors or require a minimum number of credit hours completed. Click on the class number on the online class search for information on requisites for a particular class.
  • Unable to complete your request. You do not have access to perform this transaction
    at this time.
    There are multiple reasons you might see this message:
    • Your registration appointment time has not yet arrived.
    • You have not yet been admitted to UMKC. Contact the Admissions office at 816-235-1111.
    • Open registration is over. To add classes, you will need to complete an add/drop form and obtain a signature from each instructor.
  • Unable to add this class—term maximum exceeded. Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units or courses allowed for this term. You are trying to enroll in more credit hours than is permitted by your academic unit. See your academic adviser to request permission to take more hours.
  • You cannot drop this class. Dropping this class would put you below the minimum required units. You may not drop all of your classes on Pathway. To drop all of your classes, you must complete an exit interview questionnaire.

    • Law students must get a signature from the Law School in order to drop below 15 hours.
    • Athletes must get a signature from the Athletic Student Services office to drop below full-time.
    • International students must get a signature from the International Student Affairs office to drop below full-time.

Dropping Classes

Students may drop classes in Pathway through last date for withdrawal as published in the
academic calendar.

Dropping classes, click here

  1. Review the rules and regulations
    • Withdrawing from classes does not release you from financial obligations to the University.
    • No one (including faculty and advisers) can withdraw for you.
    • Check the withdrawal deadlines in the academic calendar. Undergraduate and graduate student withdrawal deadlines differ and are strictly enforced.
    • If you require advising or have questions, contact your academic adviser before withdrawing.
    • Withdrawals can be done by mail when a student is unable to appear in person due to being out of town or suffering from an illness or accident; if the Registration and Records Office is closed or Pathway is down and you wish to receive a refund. The postmark on the envelope is used as the refund date.
    • If you have any problems or questions when dropping a class, contact the Registration and Records Office at 816-235-1125.
  2. Log on to Pathway
  3. Click on Self Service
  4. Click on Student Center
  5. Click on Drop a Class and follow the prompts
    • Make sure you get a green checkmark to indicate the drop was successful. If you do not get a green checkmark when you are done, you have not dropped the class.
    • Always confirm your drop/withdrawal by printing a copy of your class schedule from Pathway or obtaining a copy from the Registration and Records Office.

Total term withdrawals, click here

Students wishing to withdraw from all of their classes for a term must complete an Exit Interview Questionnaire. If you received financial aid for the semester, you may be required to pay back all or a portion of the aid you received. For more information on dropping your last class, see the Term Withdrawal website.

Actions that are not considered official notification of withdrawal, click here

Assuming classes will be cancelled for nonpayment, failure to attend class, giving notice to an instructor, stopping payment on a check used to pay fees, crossing out courses on a schedule, returning only partial payment to the Cashier’s Office or verbal notice to any University office.

Drops and drops with assessment, click here

  • During the first fourth (1/4) of the class, if you drop it, it will not appear on your transcript.
  • During the second fourth (1/4) of the class (5th-8th weeks) if you drop a class, you will automatically get a W on your transcript to indicate you withdrew. The W is not included in your GPA.
  • After the half-way point of the class (9th-12th weeks for undergraduates; 9th-16th weeks for graduates) if you drop a class it is considered “with assessment.” You will be assigned an IP grade for “in progress” and at the end of the semester, the instructor will have the option of giving you a W if you were passing on the date you withdrew or a WF if you were failing on the date you withdrew. WFs do not calculate in the GPA of undergraduate students, but do calculate like an F for graduate students.