Building Codes

It can be confusing trying to find your class when there's just a jumble of letters and numbers listed on your schedule. We've provided this handy list of building codes to help you out!
UMKC Building Codes
Building Code Building Name Campus
4747T 4747 Troost Volker
4825T 4825 Troost Volker
5201RH 5201 Rockhill Road Volker
5605T 5605 Troost Volker
AC Administrative Center Volker
ARR Arranged Off-Campus
ASSC Atterbury Student Success Center Volker
BEH Bloch Executive Hall Volker
BLOCH Bloch Heritage Hall Volker
BSB Biological Sciences Building Volker
CH Cockefair Hall Volker
CSH Cherry Street Hall Volker
DENT Dental Building Health Sciences
EDUC Education Building Volker
EPP Epperson House Volker
F A Fine Arts Building Volker
FH Flarsheim Hall Volker
GH Grant Hall Volker
HH Haag Hall Volker
HSB Health Sciences Building Health Sciences
KH Katz Hall Volker
LAW Law School Volker
MED School of Medicine Building Health Sciences
NHSB New Health Sciences Building Health Sciences
MH Manheim Hall Volker
MNL Miller Nichols Library Volker
MNLC Miller Nichols Learning Center Volker
OC Off Campus Off-Campus
OMB Old Maintenance Building Volker
OSH Oak Street Hall Volker
PAC Performing Arts Center Volker
PC Plaster Center Volker
RH Royall Hall Volker
SCB Spencer Chemistry Building Volker
SCFLD Scofield Hall Volker
SRC Swinney Recreation Center Volker
SU Student Union Volker


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