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Undergraduate Research Fellow


UMKC seeks to recognize the important work accomplished by the undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists with the honorary transcription designation “Undergraduate Research Fellow.” This designation is noted on students’ transcripts and is included in the program for Commencement Exercises when a student graduates.

Students who seek this designation must be able to demonstrate that they have been deeply engaged in the processes of research, scholarly, and artistic production, from the inception of an initial question or line of inquiry, through the selection of appropriate research/scholarly methods or artistic processes, the execution of the project, and the circulation of the final product to a wide audience through publication, presentation, or performances. Please note that having a SEARCH or SUROP grant does not necessarily make a student eligible for the honorary designation of Undergraduate Research Fellow. Students may apply for this designation at any point in their undergraduate career, but most typically students apply in the final semesters of their baccalaureate program. The Undergraduate Research Advisory Board can only consider activities that the student has completed by the application deadline. Plans for presentations, publications, or other activities that occur after the application deadline cannot be used to establish that a student has meet the criteria for the transcript designation.

Students interested in pursuing the honorary designation “Undergraduate Research Fellow” must complete an application, including the faculty mentor’s endorsement. All completed applications must be submitted via email to UMKC’s Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Jane Greer

All applications are reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board, which forwards its recommendations to UMKC’s Director of Undergraduate Research, who is responsible for awarding the designation.

The deadline for applying for this honorary designation is October 1 in the fall semester and March 1 in the spring semester.