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2017 Undergraduate Symposium of

Research & Scholarly Creativity

April 20, 2017

Presentations of Distinction

  • Arts & Humanities
    Abigail Osgood, Department of English (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jane Greer)
    “'How cruel life can be!': Silence, Agency, and a Rhetoric of Displacement in my Great-Grandmother's Letters”
  • Biological and Health Sciences
    Nghi Khiet Chau, School of Dentistry (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yong Want & Dr. Xiaomei Yao)
    “Effects of Polyphenol Rich Extracts from Several Botanical Sources on Dentin Collagen Stabilization”

    Neka Khoshkhoo, Gail Juknevicius, Samantha Schwartz, & Mercy Maipandi, School of Biological Sciences (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Len Dobens)
    “Developing a Fruit Fly Model for Cachexia”
  • Computing and Engineering
    Spencer On, Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ahmed Hassan)
    “Terahertz Frequency Response of Realistic CNT Environments”
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics
    LeAnna Cates, Department of Mathematics & Statistics (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Naveen K. Vaidya)
    “Mathematical Modeling of the Zika Virus Transmission Dynamics: Disease Characteristics and Prevention”
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Jacob Gurera, Department of Psychology (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Filion)
    “Sleep Education, Locus of Control, and Psychophysiological Adaptability”

    Jennifer Collins-Stiner, Department of Psychology (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Rempfer)
    “Anxiety: An Underrecognized Issue in Schizophrenia”
  • KC Works (an interdisciplinary category focused on research, scholarship, and artistic works centered in or
    inspired by the local community)
    Naomi Britton & Jessica Hildreth, Department of Psychology (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joan McDowd)
    "Addressing the Needs of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: The GPS Project"

General Poster Line-Up

Poster Department
Tevin Williams
Fela and Today: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar & Us
Conservatory of Music & Dance
Naomi Britton & Jessica Hildreth
Addressing the Needs of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: The GPS Project
Kevin Woods
The Probability of HIV Infection Due to Morphine and its Reduction with Microbicides
Rebeca Cabrera
Do Muscles and Tendons Talk?
Biological Sciences
Willow Carr
Sexual Assault and Emotion Regulation Based on Age of Initial Exposure
LeAnna Cates & Munsur Rahman
Mathematical Modeling of the Zika Virus Transmission Dynamics: Disease Characteristics and Prevention
Jamie Varghese
Implementing 3D Technology for Use in Anatomical Research
Biological Sciences
Nghi Khiet Chau
Effects of Polyphenol Rich Extracts from Several Botanical Sources on Dentin Collagen Stabilization
Alysse Weigand
Emotional Regulation & Substance Use Among Late Adolescents
Tanisha Cobbs & Christine Hofmeister
Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety and Risk Taking Among Young Adults
Mitchell Oberhelman and Amer Petrillo
Purification of Putative Polygalacturonases from Bacillus subtilis and Epulopiscium sp
Biological Sciences
My-An Diane Pham, Krishna Amin, & Courtney Parker
Biochemical Characterization of the Enzymatic Activity of Bacillus subtilis uronase
Biological Sciences
Natyssja Haynes
The Density and Distribution of Invasive Zebra Mussel (Dreissena Polymorpha) Population in Wyandotte County Lake and its Effects on Water Quality and Clarity
Kimberly Watts
The Relationship between Socioeconomic Factors and a Child's Change in Weight and Health Behaviors during a Six-Week Youth Weight Intervention
Jennifer Collins-Stiner
Anxiety: An Underrecognized Issue in Schizophrenia
Abigail Osgood
"How cruel life can be!": Silence, Agency, and a Rhetoric of Displacement in my Great-Grandmother's Letters
Jorgue Samuel Martinez
Detecting the Insulin Pathway Target Foxo Using a GFP Fusion Protein
Biological Sciences
Taylor Little
An Age-Structured Mathematical Model of Johne's Disease to Assess the efficacy of Control and Preventive Policies
Madison Sutton
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse and its Effect on Drinking Motices in Early Adulthood
Lauren Crusoe
Don't Risk It All
Brooke McManus
Identifying Various Bone Articulations and Specimen Formation
Biological Sciences
McKenna Timberlake
The SCAR Complex and its Relationship with Non-stop and the Regulation of Actin Polymerization
Biological Sciences
Ada Thapa
Novel Interaction Partners of SAGA Chromatin Modifying Complex
Biological Sciences
Darrell Satterfield
Vicarious Traumatization: The Grandparents' Burden
Hannah Doggett
Coping as a Mediator of the Association between Personality and PTSD Symptoms: Directing Trauma Survivors to the Most Effective Coping Response Given their Personality
Monika Patel
Scale Up and Production Optimization of our Silorane-Based Bone Cement
Jessica Gettleman
The Effect of Target Stimulus Modality on Prepulse Inhibition
Sia-Awa Saquee
Interpersonal Violence: The Experiences of Black Students
Zack Ross & Cindy Brizendine
The Effect of Perceived Environmental Compatibility on Attentional Filtering
Michaela Wiehe
A Genre of Her Own: The Diary of Georgiana Craven
Luke Majeske, Osama Ehtesham, and Joseph Yang
How Yeast Work Together: The Differential Partitioning Environmental Buffer Theory
Biological Sciences
Osama Ehtesham & Luke Majeske
Cell-wall Stress & Yeast Satellite Cells
Biological Sciences
Alex Peuser
Stress & Rehabilitation: Exploring the Connections between Stress, Self-Efficacy, & Motivation in Cardiovascular Rehab
Billie Hufford
Transportation and the Built Environment - Havana Cuba
Urban Planning + Design
Aaron Howard
The Effect between the Skin Conductance Orienting Response and Efficient Attentional Filtering
Marissa Medley
Necropsy and Preservation of a North American River Otter
Biological Sciences
Brittany Martinez
Mycoremediation: Growing Myselium to Degrade Crude Oil Pollution in Soil
Vivian Gleason
Examining Parent Mealtime Behaviors on Child Feeding Behaviors in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kari Hilton
HIV Screening, Testing, and Physicians
Richard Brent Nolan
Analysis of DBT Interactions during Apoptosis
Biological Sciences
Thuong Dang Nguyen
Investigating the Vulnerability and Sensitivity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to High-Power Microwaves
Physics & Astronomy
Brooke Guiot
Challenging Societal Ideals and Self Perception
Jacob Gurera
Sleep Education, Locus of Control, and Psychophysiological Adaptability
Sami Gul
How the Old Set the Future for the Young: Age, Education, and Brexit Support
Political Science
Neka Khoshkhoo, Gaile Juknevicius, Samantha Schwartz, & Mercy Maipandi
Developing a Fruit Fly Model for Cachexia
Biological Sciences
Kamakshi Vaidyanathan
Genetic Analysis of Branched Ty1 RNA Formation
Biological Sciences
Hanna Nisar
Use of BG3 Cells Exhibiting Non-stop
Biological Sciences
Douglas Heller
Modelling Methods for Multiple Carbon Nanotube Structures
Computing & Engineering

Posters from Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars, and Artists

Enrolled in EUreka Classes

Poster Department
Edmund Howe, Anthony Mok, and Morgan Vogt
Targeting of Cancer Cells with TRAIL Protein Produced by Clostridium
Biological Sciences
Felix Amparano, Lauren Eide, Sarah Shin, and Allison Spunaugle
Sore No More
Biological Sciences
Hunter McDowell, Ricardo Antiguieta, Son Doan, Mehak Sood, Deonté Minor, Tom Upman, Jacob Crowder, & James Risalvato
Analysis of 2008-2016 Kansas City Water cutoffs in Zip Codes with Median Household Income between $42k to $55k
Travis Brown, Fathiya Ibrahim, Monica Jemenez, Kristen South, Blake McClary, Philip Best, Alexandra Foster, Nick Defarraris, Parker Jones, Kevin Hansen, Grayson Smith, Xavier Boerger, & Mae Bradham
Incidence and Prevalence of Water Cutoffs in Kansas City during 2008-2016: Low Income versus High Income Zip Codes
Kennady Gales
Speaking Without Words: Documenting Artwork Transitions in Kate Cooties' Zine, Cooties #7
Aleeya Payne
Patricia Stevens: A Self-Made Legacy
Anna Huber, Gage Raithel, and Christia Stein
Mucus Producing Cyanobacteria for the Containment of Oil Pollution in World's Oceans
Biological Sciences
Rania Mahrous, Emily Orr, Jasmine Salem, and Rebecca Yang
Overexpression of SIRT6: Signaling of Apoptotic Cascades in Tumor Cells
Biological Sciences
Rachel Talmadge, Alex Andres, Rachel Replogle, Mia O'Dirling, Avery Matthews, Fiona Isiavwe, Marcus Johnson, Hannah Belfield, Sally Truong, Holly Kramer, Jocelyn Serrata, Taylar Ray, Chrysteene Smith, Kyle Lininger, Noemi Aguilera, Caleb Wilfong, & Natalie Haushalter
Identifying Factors Associated with Kansas City Water Cutoffs during 2008-2016: Comparing Middle Income with High Income Zip Codes
Jo'nea Grigsby
The Diary of L. P. Cookingham: Offering One Perspective of War
Angela Bedard, Sierra Browne-Jenkins, Alexa Sproles
UMKC's Ancient Ceramic Lamp Collection
Abigail McCune, Jenna Luedeman, Kaylee Story, & Hannah Nguyen
Nr: A Universal Fruit Ripening Preventer
Biological Sciences
Kayla Reifel, Olivia Woodruff, Maddy Lewis, & Brett Hollenbeck
Insertion of Insecticide Resistant Gene in Ladybugs
Biological Sciences
Ellen Simmons
Identity and Belonging in Scrapbooking: Linda Ray's Scrapbook 1970s-1980s
Colin Vargas, Elisabeth Laundy, Kamakshi Vaidyanathan, & Makala Stephens
Addressing the Crisis of PET Recycling by Using a Plasmid
Biological Sciences
Lisa M. Bowman
Activism, Through the Eyes of a Scrapbooking Mom
Arianna Samuels
The World of Zines: Comparing Women's Zines to Eirik Ott's Wussy Boy Zine

Oral Presentations

Physical Sciences, Behavioral & Social Sciences, & Computing/Engineering
  • Ryan Cutcher, Criminal Justice and Criminology
    "The Real Housewives: Representations of Femininity and Feminine Identity in Reality TV"
  • Hannah Farmer, Physics & Astronomy
    "Crystal Structure Modeling via Additive Manufacturing"
  • Joe Haller, Computing & Engineering
    "Precision Aerial Delivery with a Steerable Cruciform Parachute"
  • Spencer On, Computing & Engineering
    "Terahertz Frequency Response of Realistic CNT Environments"
  • Ethan Wilcox, Computing & Engineering
    "Quantifying the Scattering Characteristics of Plasmonic Nanowires and Microwaves using Characteristic Mode Analysis"
Arts & Humanities--EUReka
  • Che Amazu, English
    "Exploring The Carefree Travel Diaries of Dorothy Dreher"
  • Christina K. Lor, English
    "Survived by Stories: Documenting the Identity of Patricia Huyett through Diary Entries"
  • Phuc Pham, English
    "Marion Jackel: A Thousand Words along with a Thousand Memories"
  • Helene Slinker, English
    "Empowered Women Empowering Women: The Portrayal of Women's Relationships in Lesbian Autobiography"
  • Matthew Bandy, English
    "Perspectives on War from Above and Below"