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2019 Undergraduate Symposium of

Research & Scholarly Creativity

April 2019

Presentations of Distinction

  • Arts & Humanities
    Carolyn Nordengren, Department of Art and Art History (Mentor: Dr. Rochelle Ziskin)
    “Untangling the Stories of Portrait Miniatures”

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
    sKayley Morris, Department of Psychology (Mentors: Dr. Diane Filion, Dr. Seung Suk Kang, & Bryan Fox, M.A.)
    “Imposter Syndrome at Work: The Effects of Employee Socialization on Work Place Imposter Syndrome”

  • Biological and Health Sciences
    Sarah Rapp, Biological Sciences (Mentor: Dr Ryan D. Mohan)
    “Discovery of a Circadian Ubiquitin Code”

  • Computing and Engineering
    Celine Lim, Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Mentor: Dr. Sarvenaz Sobhansarbandi)
    “Heat Transfer Enhancement of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage Systems”

  • KC Works
    Heather Dyreng, Department of English (Mentor: Prof. Erica Stone)
    “Giving a Second Chance: Increasing Access to Expungement in Missouri”

  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics
    Jack Harrigan, Department of Chemistry (Mentor: Dr. Shin Moteki)
    “Amphiphilic Dendrimers for Application in Drug Delivery Systems”