The UMKC University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Division is honored to serve as the repository of the stories and legacies of the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame inductees. The papers of more than 15 Hall of Fame inductees have been donated to SCA for preservation and research access. SCA has also secured collections from many of the local women’s organizations that sponsor the Hall of Fame. These collections make UMKC University Libraries the definitive resource for material culture and ephemera documenting Kansas City women’s history.

Extraordinary Research Opportunities

In addition to acquiring and preserving the legacy collections of Kansas City’s leading women, SCA’s work centers on getting researchers in front of the materials by:

  • Providing regular archival research orientations to both undergraduate and graduate students across the campus.
  • Sharing the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame collections with visiting classes that center on the work of women.
  • Sponsoring an annual research stipend that rewards graduate research in our women’s and gender studies collections.

Furthermore, student and professional researchers in the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame collections have presented their work in campus research symposia, at regional and national conferences, in scholarly and literary journals and at local and regional film festivals.

Longer-term goals include digital publication of collection materials from the Starr Intern Program and the development of curriculum guidance to incorporate Starr Women’s Hall of Fame stories into K–12 classes throughout the region. These efforts will widen outreach and access initiatives for this important collection and the stories it tells.

Your generous gift to the Starr Women's Hall of Fame helps ensure that the legacy of these remarkable women will endure into the future.