Nomination Criteria

The Starr Women's Hall of Fame inducts both historical and contemporary women who have significant ties to the Kansas City area.

Candidates must meet ALL of the following criteria

• Made significant and enduring contributions to their fields of endeavor

• Elevated the status of women

• Helped open new frontiers for women and for society

• Inspired others by their example

Candidates must meet at least ONE of the following criteria

• Born in the Kansas City area in one of the following Missouri Counties: Bates, Caldwell, Cass, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Lafayette, Platte, and Ray

• Born in the Kansas City area in one of the following Kansas Counties: Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, and Wyandotte

• Achieved prominence within the area

• A resident of the area for an extended period after achieving prominence elsewhere

Selection Process

The Starr Women’s Hall of Fame selects new inductees every other year. Inductees are selected by an independent panel of community members from across the Greater Kansas City area.

While it may be easier to identify contemporary women for nomination, do not overlook women from the past who meet the above criteria and who are worthy of posthumous recognition. The capacity to honor historical women is one of the hallmarks that differentiate the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame from other awards and honors in the region.

NOTE: Please read through the entire nomination form to identify the pieces of information you will need. In addition to supplying basic information on the nominee, you will need to write several narratives and provide supporting documentation, letters of recommendation and a list of sources. This will require some research and knowledge of the nominee, so please plan accordingly. If you need assistance or have any questions, please call 816-235-2452.

Nomination Form