"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough."
— Rabindranath Tagore

Butterfly Garden

Throughout your life, there has been at least one woman — a mother, grandmother, friend, sister, aunt, teacher — who has left a lasting impression. This butterfly garden is a place to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have touched your heart and inspired you for greatness.

Join us in celebrating influential women such as Martha Jane Phillips Starr, an icon of leadership and dedication and avid lover of butterflies.

By purchasing a butterfly and sharing a personal story of a special woman in your life, you are encouraging others to spread their wings and take flight.

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  • Shirley Bustos

    Honored by Brian Bustos, her son

    This butterfly is dedicated to Shirley Bustos. Her work and achievements are numerous, including the publications of various orchestral compositions, poetry and short stories — but I believe her greatest achievement in life is the ongoing selfless commitment she carries to bless others.

    For all the achievements that she did accomplish, there are a dozen more that never came to fruition because she devoted her life to her husband, her children, her church and her students. She has lifted others to great heights through her offering of time, wisdom, help and love.

    She is an incredible leader and I'm so honored to be able to call her mom.

  • Georgie Constantino

    Honored by Joe Constantino, her son

    I am a Filipino-American living the American Dream because of an important decision my parents made early in their marriage. My mother, in particular, made a sacrifice that changed the trajectory of our lives. I was born in the Philippines, and in 1971, when I was five and my sister was four, my parents made the decision to split the family up and have my Mom go to the United States on a work Visa as a nurse — leaving her husband and two small children behind. The plan was for Mom to go to the U.S. and work, save money, and then have us join her a year later. My parents wanted to give my sister and me a better life so they went through with their plan. My Mom traveled from Manila, Philippines, to Kansas City, Missouri. I can't imagine the heartache my parents went through, especially my Mom as a young mother being away from her precious five and four-year old. But she did it. And with her family and friends a half-a-world away, she diligently worked and saved enough money to fly all three of us to join her a year later — just as planned. In fact, she had enough saved that we had a home when we arrived and soon thereafter, a brand new Chevrolet Malibu! I've known this story all my life, but it's only as a middle-aged adult that I've truly been able to appreciate it. So, it's my goal to live a life worthy of this sacrifice. Because there's nothing more important to me than making my hero, my Mom, proud.

  • Barbara Evers Loughman

    Honored by Chad and Amy Loughman

    Dr. Barbara Evers Loughman graduated from Centralia High School in 1958 and from the University of Illinois in 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and chemistry. She then earned a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from the University of Notre Dame in immunology and microbiology. She served as a staff fellow at the U. S. National Institute of Health in 1974. She pursued her love of science and research as a scientist, director and executive in pharmaceutical research and development for more than 40 years and retired as president and Chairman of the Board of Encore Pharmaceuticals. During her career, she garnered international credentials in business development and regulatory affairs, as well as in discovery and clinical research with a special interest in oncology, specifically in the development of chemo-preventive and biologic anti-cancer drugs and drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. She led discovery and development of numerous new drugs and products, developed four technical patents, and also wrote 25 scientific publications. Her contributions made a difference in the lives of millions of people through drugs like Atgam for transplant patients and Ibuprofen. She was also the recipient of the Walter E. Upjohn Award, given to individuals who have based their work on integrity, innovation, excellence, leadership, performance and community service. Dr. Evers Loughman had a strong foundation of faith, family, country and community. If you asked "Bobbee" what she felt was her greatest achievement and where her greatest source of pride and joy came from she would say her family and friends… If you asked her family and those fortunate enough to be part of her life they would say her greatest gift was unconditional love and that it was from this well of compassion that she drew her strength. Passing on those qualities to her sons, nieces, nephews and grandsons, lifting people up, making a difference in her community and searching throughout her career for those things that would make a difference in peoples lives and hopefully relieve their pain and suffering.

  • Melinda Fincham

    Honored by the Fincham Family

    The most significant, wonderful, caring, and loving woman I have ever met is my delightful wife Melinda Ash Fincham. Melinda has enriched everyone in our family and many friends and acquaintances. She is a devoted and loving spouse, mother, and grandmother. She seldom if ever thinks of herself first, she is always looking to ways and means she can help others in need. She is the mother of two children, Derek Kenneth Fincham, a law professor and distinguished author and expert on illicit cultural property, and Derek's lovely wife Joni Koehler Fincham; and Kelcie Jacqueline Fincham, a pediatrician. Arlen Byrd Fincham is Kelcie and Brett Stinson's son and Melinda's grandson. The most fitting tribute a mother can receive is to see her daughter, in Melinda's case, Kelcie serve as wonderful, caring, and yes doting mother herself. Myself, Derek, Joni, Kelcie, and Arlen have benefited, and will continue to benefit from this wonderful woman who graces our lives daily with her personality, devotion, and all encompassing love for us all. Melinda loves gardens, flowers, and yes butterflies too.

  • Pauline Swink (1918-2011)

    Honored by granddaughter, Kara Swink Petrovic

    Pauline Swink, formerly of Bronson, Kan., was more than just my grandmother — she was my friend. She instilled in me my love of fishing, taught me that baking warms the soul and that the best way to warm up is with a cat on your lap. I will forever cherish the 28 years I shared with her.

    While she didn't receive a college education, she was one of the brightest and strongest women I've ever known. She showed me that what truly matters in life aren't purchased but comes from those you choose to share your life with. She taught me that a hard days work is earned and that settling for less makes you weak. She would know — she spent her life working beside my grandfather in their shop and farm.

    This butterfly is dedicated in memory of my grandmother — a woman who spread her wings and soared to great heights throughout her life.