Division of
Student Affairs

We are responsible for upholding the UM Student Standard of Conduct for non-academic and non-equity behavior both on- and off-campus, with the goal of promoting individual student growth and development.

Student Standard of Conduct

As a student of the university, your conduct reflects on the university whether you are on campus or off. The foundation of our identity as a community is our core values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence. The university strives to make the campus community a place of study, work and residence where people are treated, and treat one another, with respect and courtesy. 

All UMKC students are expected to abide by the University of Missouri System Collected Rules and Regulations and to uphold the Student Standard of Conduct. Students also assume the obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the university’s function as an educational institution.

Ignorance of these expectations is not an acceptable excuse for violating them. Every student is responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the university.

Honor codes

Some academic units have their own honor code that is adjudicated separately from the Office of Student Conduct and Civility. 

Report student conduct concerns

To contact the Office of Student Conduct and Civility to discuss a concern call 816.235.1047 or email Keishea' M. Boyd

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Office of Equity and Title IX

The Office of Equity and Title IX receives and investigates all reports of discrimination and harassment because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or any other status protected by applicable state or federal law and enforces the university’s policies against such behaviors. The office also addresses all forms of sex-based misconduct, including sexual assault, stalking and dating and domestic violence and abuse.

Student conduct process

If you have been listed in a report as someone who may have knowledge of an incident, you may have to schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Conduct and Civility.

View the student conduct process

Contact Us

Keishea' M. Boyd

Director of Student Conduct and Civility
Email: boydkm@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-1047

Robin Hamilton

Student Conduct and Civility Coordinator
Email: hamiltonrk@umkc.edu
Phone Number: 816-235-6190

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