Health History

Your health history must be completed at your first visit with UMKC Roo Wellness - Health Services, updated once per year, and sooner if there have been any changes. The purpose of this, is to provide information on your medical history, current medications, allergies and family history, all of which is extremely important for both you and your health care providers to know. Completing and updating your health history can be done on our portal. We will only use the below paper version in the event that our system is down.

Download the form (doc)

Consent-Authorization for Release of Information

This form gives UMKC Student Health and Wellness permission to send, receive, or share your personal medical history. We will never share any of your medical records until we have received your permission.

Download the form (PDF)

Consent to Treatment of Minors

If you are under the age of 18, we are not able to treat you until we have this form completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Download the form (PDF)

Consent for Treatment

This form states that you are permitting us to provide you care; it must be signed by you. Typically, you will sign this form electronically at the kiosk when you arrive for your visit; however, this form may be printed and used if our computer system is down.

Download the form (PDF)

HPV Vaccine Assistance

This form is the application to apply for assistance on receiving the GARDASIL-9 vaccine.

Download the form (PDF)