Establish an Accommodation Plan

If you are a UMKC student with a documented need for accessibility services, Student Accessibility Services and Support can help you get the support you need to succeed.

Whether you are a new student or are already enrolled at UMKC, you will need to establish an accommodation plan with us. There are four straightforward steps to this process.

  1. Review the guidelines for documenting your accessibility needs.
  2. Go to RooAccess online application. Log in using your UMKC username and password.
  3. Complete the application and select submit. Please include your student ID. Then upload your documentation and select submit.
  4. We will contact you usually within 3 business days to set up an accommodation planning meeting.

Housing Accommodations

If you are seeking housing accommodations because of an accessibility need, please complete the following.

  1. You should request housing accommodations soon after submitting your housing contract.
  2. Review the guidelines for documenting your accessibility need
  3. Log in to the Housing Accommodation Application using your UMKC username and password.
  4. Complete and submit the application and upload and submit your documentation.
  5. You will be contacted within 3 business days to set up a meeting to finalize the process.

Emotional support animals in campus housing

If you are seeking to keep an emotional support animal in your campus housing, you must complete the following steps in addition to the prior housing accommodation steps.

  1. Review the Emotional Support Animal in Residential Life Policy (PDF).
  2. Complete and upload an Emotional Support Animal Application (PDF) with your housing accommodation documentation.

Note: The documentation must come from a qualified evaluator who has observed you with the emotional support animal.

If you have a trained service animal please refer to the UMKC Service Animal and Pet Policy.

Dietary Accommodations

If you are seeking dietary accommodations, please establish an accommodation plan. In most cases we can accommodate your accessibility related dietary needs. It is exceedingly rare for us to excuse a student from participation in the UMKC Meal Plan due to an accessibility need.

For more information visit the UMKC Dining Services Dietitian.

Testing Accommodations

If testing accommodations are part of your accommodation plan, there are several steps to take. 

  1. Use RooAccess to send out your faculty notification letters.
  2. Contact your faculty and ask how they would like to arrange exam accommodations.
  3. If the faculty want you to take your exams with Student Access Services and Support you will need to make a request for each exam.

We encourage you submit your exam requests for the entire semester as soon as possible. We need no less than one weeks’ notice to schedule an exam, except for final exams which require three weeks’ notice.

Testing Accommodation Policy (PDF)