UMKC Forward FAQs

Academic Unit Restructuring 

Will new deans be hired and when?

We anticipate conducting a national dean search for all new units. We currently have several interim dean positions and will stagger national searches over the next two years. 

How long will it take to transition to the new academic units?

We will begin implementation planning this summer and it will likely take a full year to complete the transition.  Our goal is to launch the new academic units in AY22-23.

Who will lead the unit reorganization?

The Provost’s Office will oversee the unit reorganization process. Implementation committees, led by a facilitator and made up of faculty and staff, will work over the next year to ensure a smooth transition and launch of new units in AY22-23.

How will unit reorganization impact student degree programs, fees, and tuition?

Students whose degree programs will be part of a new academic unit will retain the tuition and fee structure associated with their original academic unit for at least the first year of the transition (AY22-23). Subsequent changes to align tuition and fees for students impacted by the creation of new units will be evaluated in future years as part of the implementation planning process.  Exceptions to this include general increases in campus tuition and fees or increases in course-specific fees (e.g., materials fees).

How will reorganization impact department space?  Will departments move to new space?

Department physical relocation will depend on many factors, including space availability and unit need.  Some units have historically had departments spread across multiple buildings on campus.

What will happen to unit level degree requirements?

As part of implementation planning over the next year, units will determine what unit level degree requirements they will have. UMKC Essentials will remain our general education program and it will remain administratively housed in the Provost’s office.

Academic Program Closure

Can I still complete my program if it closes?

Students enrolled in programs scheduled for closure will have the opportunity to finish their degree as planned.  Consistent with our historical practice, departments will create a teach-out plan for any degree program that closes to ensure that students can complete their degree in a timely manner.

Professional Career Escalators

Why were these professions chosen?

The initial escalator disciplines were chosen based on feedback from community stakeholders and leaders.  They align with both areas of UMKC strength and workforce demand in our region.

How can I participate?

Current and prospective students: Details about how to apply for the program will be made available in AY21-22, prior to launch of program in Fall 2022. 

Faculty: There will be many opportunities to participate as the program is finalized and launches in the coming months.  More details are forthcoming.

CAFE (Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence)

When will CAFE start?

CAFE programming will launch starting in Summer 2021.

How can I be involved?

CAFE will be supported by Faculty Fellow positions. Be on the look-out for a call for Fellows in late spring/early summer 2021. Faculty will be able to sign up for programming beginning summer 2021.

What happened to FaCET?

FaCET has been a wonderful resource for faculty for many years. CAFE will replace FaCET as the primary source of campus faculty support for professional development related to teaching and learning, research and scholarship, community engagement and leadership and faculty life.

Research Investment

How does this help the performing arts and the humanities?

The UMKC Forward investments in research and those in CAFE programming are designed to support all forms of scholarship and creative works. UMKC is proud of its strong performing arts tradition and these supports should enhance faculty success in all disciplines.

UMKC TalentLink, Talent Development, and Certificates and Badges

Can I participate in TalentLink as a faculty member?

There will be opportunities for current faculty to develop programming that aligns with market demand. There will also be opportunities for faculty to participate in TalentLink programming.

I am a student working on a degree at UMKC.  Can I work on a badge also?

Yes, although programming in TalentLink will not count toward your degree, it can supplement your career and professional development.