The Graduate Writing Initiative (GWI) is a collaborative effort to support the writing of graduate students at UMKC.



The GWI offers several services with the purpose of providing support in whatever way is most useful each graduate at UMKC, including:

  • One-with-one writing consultations: Sit with the Graduate Writing Specialist or a Graduate Assistant to discuss your writing, receive feedback, and learn writing concepts to help you grow as a writer.
  • Writing groups: Join a writing group to help you either be accountable (one of our accountability groups) or carve out time to write during the week (working group). Each group is led by a member of the GWI team and designed to help you be as productive as possible.
  • Writing retreats: Make time to do your own writing by joining the GWI for a writing retreat. We take an entire day (sometimes two) to sit and write. We also discuss the writing process and share our work over a meal.
  • Writing workshops: Come learn about different aspects of writing during one of our workshops. Topics range from “How to write a literature review” to “Writing personal statements” to “Science Writing.”
  • Online resources: Check out the collection of resources the GWI has developed to help support writers. These include things like writing guides, workshop recordings, and materials related to the niche genres of academia.

The GWI also offers services for graduate faculty who would like assistance developing support for advisees and students in graduate courses.

Dr. Marcus Meade

Graduate Writing Specialist
Phone Number: 816-235-8660
Office: Room 122, Atterbury Student Success Center, Volker Campus