Our services are available free of charge to students at the undergraduate and graduate level. We're here to assist you with all aspects of your writing, from class assignments to personal projects.

Summer 2023 Schedule

Atterbury Student Success Center (June 5 - July 28)
Consultations and drop-ins
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Miller Nichols Library (June 5 - July 28)
Drop-ins only
Monday-Thursday: 5-7pm
Sunday: 1-5pm

June 19: closed
July 4: closed

Email sessions

July 21: last day to submit summer email sessions

The Writing Studio has been a vibrant part of the university's writing community for more than 25 years and stands as proof of our commitment to Writing Across the Curriculum.

We offer a free peer consultation service for students. Peer consultants help students focus on the organization and content of ideas within their essays.

We offer quality one-on-one writing consultations to students by creating a safe, comfortable and professional environment. Students can share their writing and thoughts and, in turn, consistently receive meaningful attention, criticism and instruction.

We contribute to the learning experience of undergraduate and graduate students by not only offering employment opportunities, but by providing extensive training over a variety of topics related to tutoring, learning and writing.

We offer support services to UMKC faculty about syllabus and assignment design, providing in-class workshops and maintaining sample paper files.

For Summer 2023, consultations are in person and online.

Our peer consultants primarily work one-with-one with students. Consultations last 30 to 60 minutes. Please have your assignment sheet, the assignment rubric and your draft available at the time of your consultation.

Schedule or drop in to a consultation