In its second year, the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE)'s pillar leads and faculty fellows are developing and offering a variety of programs and resources to support faculty. While some programs will be single-session workshops, others will be semester- or year-long professional learning.

Spotlight on CAFEGlobal

CAFEGlobal is the global initiatives hub dedicated to UMKC faculty. The website provides useful information about global partnerships, research, international award opportunities, faculty-led study abroad programs, and upcoming CAFEGlobal events.



Spotlight on Generative AI in Writing


How do we teach writing and reading in the ChatGPT era?   

 How are you using generative AI and large language models in your classes? What are your concerns about how students use ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI? How do you teach writing and reading in your UMKC classroom? What writing and reading topics would you like to know more about and teach more effectively in your classes? Where can you turn for more guidance?

 These are some of the questions the University Writing and Reading Board will explore during a discussion from 11 a.m. to noon Monday, May 1, in Zoom. Please join representatives of units across our campus as we share ideas and brainstorm UWRB programming for next year. For more information, contact UWRB Co-Chairperson Thomas Ferrel ( or UWRB Co-Chairperson Henrietta Rix Wood (

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“Often Wrong, Never Uncertain”: Large Language Models and AI Literacy

CAFE and the University Writing and Reading Board (UWRB) hosted a panel discussion on the new AI tools and how they can be considered in classrooms and in the workplace. 

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“Not only is Dr. Grieco inspiring, but she pushes me to my full potential. I don’t think I would have done any of this research work if it wasn’t for her." - Victoria Dominguez '22

Victorial Dominguez and Viviana Grieco

UMKC Professor Jane Greer, Author, Champion of Women and Research

New book examines women’s entry into the industrial workforce

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Clancy Martin and Gwen Nally showcase their expertise in the national publication

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New partnership showcases a nine-decade history based on mutual admiration for the Roo