In its second year, the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE)'s pillar leads and faculty fellows are developing and offering a variety of programs and resources to support faculty. While some programs will be single-session workshops, others will be semester- or year-long professional learning.

Mid-Career Faculty Development Program

Overview of the Program

The Mid-Career Faculty Development program will provide participants with the resources to develop a strategic plan for advancing their academic careers. Both tenure and non-tenure track faculty are encouraged to apply.

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New Peer Observation Pilot Program

Overview of the Program

This pilot Peer Observation Program will be carried out in the spring 2023 semester. This program is designed to promote teaching development through creation of a collaborative partnership between the faculty member being observed (the Observee) and a trained Observer. Observees can choose to identify a specific area of focus for their observation or ask for a more generalized observation. For the pilot, the courses observed must be offered in the traditional classroom format (face-to-face).  This program includes focused conversations between the trained Observer and Observee along with guided self-reflection activities

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“Not only is Dr. Grieco inspiring, but she pushes me to my full potential. I don’t think I would have done any of this research work if it wasn’t for her." - Victoria Dominguez '22

Victorial Dominguez and Viviana Grieco

Conservatory Professor Awarded Commission from Chamber Music America

Yotam Haber wins $15,000 to write a major new work

Digital Journalism Professor Research Shows Inequities in Rural Broadband Access

While the Federal Communication Commission estimates that 16 million people in rural America go without broadband Internet access, that number may be far higher – some estimates go as high as more than 150 million Americans lacking adequate broadband access, according to a new report.

History Faculty named Curator’s Distinguished Professor

Massimiliano Vitiello, Ph.D., one of two UMKC faculty honored