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Be curious, ask big questions, and discover new things. UMKC offers faculty several resources for research, scholarship and creative works.


Explore is published by the UMKC Office of Research and Economic Development in collaboration with the UMKC Department of Strategic Marketing and Communications to highlight the achievements and contributions of UMKC’s researchers.

2019 issue

Faculty Scholars and Faculty Insights

University of Missouri Faculty Scholars and its internal-facing counterpart, Faculty Insights, allow users to discover UM System faculty collaborators based on research interests and goals.

  • Published scholarly contributions and creative activities
  • Educational materials
  • Awarded grants
  • Journal editorship
  • Service and engagement
  • Awards

UM System Scholar

Faculty Insights (log in with SSO)

New Letters and BkMk Press

The mission of New Letters magazine and BkMk Press is to discover, publish and promote the best and most exciting literary writing, wherever it might be found. We publish and serve readers and writers worldwide.  In recent years, New Letters has won a National Magazine Award, the industry's highest honor, plus multiple Pushcart Prizes, and is reprinted often in Best American anthologies. 

New Letters

BkMk Press

Office of Research Services (ORS)

UMKC is the only urban-based research university in the Kansas City region. Our research faculty are focused on developing new knowledge and solutions relevant to our community’s needs and aspirations, and to enhancing Kansas City’s global reputation for leadership in the arts, entrepreneurship and life sciences. UMKC works in partnership with our community’s leading businesses, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, civic groups, artists, scientists and thinkers on research initiatives that are catalysts for growth and progress that benefits the entire community. In short, our mission is translating ideas into innovation.

The Office of Research and Economic Development supports the university’s research core mission by providing the necessary administrative infrastructure for scholarly activity and sponsored research programs. It also supports technology transfer by facilitating faculty-driven intellectual property development, patent applications and licensing agreements.



Pivot, formerly the Community of Science (COS), provides a comprehensive database of funding opportunities and an expertise database to help you identify potential collaborators within UMKC, the University of Missouri System, and at institutions around the world. The website also allows users to set up automated funding alerts based on keywords and areas of interest. Pivot is a subscription service provided by the Office of Research Services researchers.


Pivot "how to" videos on YouTube

Richard L. Sutton Jr. Geosciences Museum

Richard Sutton Jr. was an adjunct geology instructor who donated his personal collection of cephalopods (squid-like ocean dwellers) and fluid inclusions (rocks containing liquids) to the museum. Of particular note are the crinoids, now Missouri's offial state fossil.

Geosciences Museum

Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center

The 57,800-square-foot facility — described as a "maker space" — is home to extensive research equipment, including $3 million worth of virtual reality hardware, a scanning electron microscope, a big data analytics lab, 3D printing apparatus and a high-bay structural lab. 

Free Enterprise and Research Center

UMKC Art Gallery

The UMKC Gallery of Art is dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment of its campus and community by exhibiting art and providing meaningful educational experiences. The UMKC Gallery of Art encourages the appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society by providing a platform for critical thinking across mediums, cultures, disciplines, and contexts.

UMKC Gallery of Art

UMKC University Libraries

 At UMKC University Libraries, great minds meet. Not only the home of books and print materials, the Libraries also provide access to a wide range of audio-visual media, over 330,000 sound recordings, and rare and unique collections of books, photographs, manuscripts, and maps. The University Libraries also link users to a world of scholarly information available through licensed online databases and journals and a vast network of reciprocal borrowing agreements with libraries around the world.

University Libraries

Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

UMKC's Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship offers five programs for students to engage in their own research and creative scholarship

  1. Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity
  2. Students Engaged in the Arts and Research
  3. Experiences in Undergraduate Research
  4. Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol
  5. Annual Symposium of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Mentor a student researcher