Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and staff are essential partners in our ability to support UMKC students as they apply for nationally competitive awards.

Tips and Resources for Supporting Students

There are several ways that faculty and staff can engage with the competitive awards process in order to support our students, including: referring students as potential candidates, publicizing opportunities to students, mentoring students, and serving on a campus review panel, nominating committing, or mock interview panel. Students will benefit from your feedback on drafts and letters of recommendation, as well as from your advice and moral support.

One of the best ways that faculty and staff can support our work in this area is to advertise scholarship and fellowship opportunities to their students. If you would like to schedule a classroom visit to promote specific award opportunities to your students, you can email McLain Hymer at mhymer@umkc.edu.

Getting a nudge from an admired faculty member or staff mentor leads many students to consider applying for a nationally competitive award. Please consider referring any student that you have enjoyed working with and stands out in your mind, regardless of whether they have the highest GPA or earned the best grade in your class. Some qualities that are important to look for in potential applicants are: high engagement with course material, ability to make exciting or unexpected connections, a strong academic record, and involvement with the campus and community. These may be students who you recognize as having untapped potential that need an extra push to even consider themselves as strong candidates for competitive external awards. Recommending these students to our office might be the nudge they need to get them moving in the direction of realizing their potential.

Refer a student

Thoughtful and relevant letters of recommendation are a crucial part of a student's application for a nationally competitive award. After the student's own personal statement and essays, the recommendation letters are the most influential part of their application, so your role as a letter writer is fundamental. Below are some resources and information to help you write an effective recommendation letter that is tailored to the student and the award they are applying for. If you have questions or need additional resources, please email McLain Hymer at mhymer@umkc.edu

Online Resources

Online Handbook for Writing Recommendation Letters

Advice from Yale Fellowships and Funding

Avoiding Racial Bias in Letter of Reference Writing

Avoiding Gender Bias in Letter of Reference Writing