UMKC Catalog


Graduate Study in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department offers the master of science degree, with an emphasis in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, or polymer chemistry.

Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) programs at UMKC are interdisciplinary. Students desiring to study at the doctoral level in the discipline of chemistry (as the coordinating unit) must apply to the School of Graduate Studies. Detailed information on the general and discipline-specific admission requirements for the doctoral degree may be found in the  General Graduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog.

Students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree, who have selected chemistry as one of their disciplines, should consult the School of Graduate Studies section of this catalog for degree requirements, and other academic regulations applicable to their degree programs.


General Nature of the Graduate Program

Both the master of science degree and interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree with chemistry as the coordinating discipline have the basic aim of training students to work independently in chemistry. Both programs train the student through a broad but flexible base of coursework for further education, but the interdisciplinary Ph.D. places a greater emphasis on original research.

There are two programs or tracks that lead to the master of science in chemistry: the research and the non-thesis tracks. The interdisciplinary Ph.D. with chemistry as the coordinating unit is only research track. (For further information on the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program, see the chemistry discipline within the School of Graduate Studies section of this catalog.)