UMKC Catalog


Suggested Plan of Study

Before beginning a psychology major or minor, students should meet with a Psychology Adviser as the choice of electives strongly depends on students' educational and career intentions.

In general, students should complete PSYCH 316 and 302WI as early as possible. PSYCH 415 is to be taken during the senior year. 

For students planning to attend graduate school in psychology, it is also desirable to complete a directed individual research course (PSYCH 490) well before graduation. Students wishing to take PSYCH 490 must contact a professor who will agree to supervise their work. Together they will discuss the possibility of doing research in an area of mutual interest. Additionally, students must complete a PSYCH 490 application prior to course registration. PSYCH 490 must be taken with a full-time faculty member.

Recommended Plan of Study

PSYCH 210 General Psychology must be completed prior to enrollment in upper division (300- or 400-level) psychology courses. The department recommends completing this course as part of the General Education requirements.

Semester 1 of Psychology Major Course Requirements:

  • PSYCH 316 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
  • One Core Area A or B Course*

Semester 2 of Psychology Major Course Requirements:

  • PSYCH 302WI Experimental Psychology
  • One Core Area A or B Course*

Semester 3 of Psychology Major Course Requirements:

  • Two Core Area C and D Courses*

Semester 4 of Psychology Major Course Requirements:

  • PSYCH 415 History and Systems of Psychology
  • Required Psychology Elective 1
  • Required Psychology Elective 2
* The plan of study requires a minimum of one course from each of the four Core Areas.

General Advice for Developing a Plan of Study

Note that the Department of Psychology varies course offerings each semester. Not all courses are offered every year. Students with the required prerequisite courses who are interested in a particular elective or core area course should enroll when it is offered.

Do not plan to complete coursework by taking courses during the summer. The department usually offers some courses during the summer term, but doesn't guarantee that all required courses will be offered.

Make sure the pre-requisites for courses are met prior to enrollment. Students who do not meet course pre-requisites will be asked to drop from the course during the first week of the term.  At that time alternative courses may no longer be open.