UMKC Catalog


Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Biology for combined BA/MD Dual Degree Program
1. General education requirements are the same for all
students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in SBS. Students in
the 6 yr BA/MD program will apply specific courses required
by the medical program to fulfill these requirements.
2. Physical sciences and mathematics requirements: All of
the following courses are required.
  A grade of C- or better is required in each course used
  to fulfill these requirements.
  MATH 216 or MATH 210         Biomath I or Calculus I
or STAT 235 or Elementary Statistics 3-4 cr. hr. PHYSICS 210 General Physics I or or PHYSICS 240 Physics for Science and Engineering I 4-5 cr. hr. CHEM 211 General Chemistry I 4 cr. hr. CHEM 211L Experimental General Chemistry I 1 cr. hr. CHEM 212R General Chemistry II 4 cr. hr. CHEM 212LR Experimental General Chemistry II 1 cr. hr. CHEM 320 Elementary Organic Chemistry 4 cr. hr. CHEM 320L Experimental Organic Chemistry 1 cr. hr. 3. Biology course requirements. Biology courses that fulfill the BA degree requirements are listed below. A total of 38 credit hours of biology courses is required and at least 24 of these must be at the 300 or 400 level. A minimum of 21 credit hours of biology courses must be earned from UMKC SBS. A grade of C- or better is required in each course used to fulfill these requirements. A. All of the following courses are required of all students seeking the BA degree in Biology. These core curriculum requirements constitute a total of 17 credit hours plus 2 credit hours of elective upper level biology. BIOLOGY 108 General Biology I 3 cr. hr. BIOLOGY 108L General Biology I Lab 1 cr. hr. BIOLOGY 109 General Biology II 3 cr. hr. BIOLOGY 109L General Biology II Lab 1 cr. hr. BIOLOGY 202 Cell Biology 3 cr. hr. BIOLOGY 206 Genetics 3 cr. hr. BMS 9265 Human Biochemistry 5 cr. hr. B. The following courses are required for 10 credit hours. LS-MCRB 313 Microbiology 3 cr. hr. BMS 9296, BMS 9297, BMS 9298 Human Structure Function 7 cr. hr. C. The following laboratory courses are required. LS-MCRB 313WL Laboratory in Microbiology 3 cr. hr. LS-ANATO 118L introductory Anatomy Lab 2 cr. hr. D. Dual Degree requirement LS-ANATO 119 Functional Anatomy I 3 cr. hr. E. Biology Synthesis Requirement (Choose a total of 3 credit hours) BIOLOGY 498WI Critical Analysis of Biological Issues 3 cr. hr. LIFE-SCI 490WI Senior Seminar 3 cr. hr. LIFE-SCI 497 Special Topics 1-3 cr. hr. LIFE-SCI 499 Undergraduate Research 1-3 cr. hr. F. Additional 3 credit hours of upper level biology coursework is needed to complete the total of 38 required credit hours in biology, 24 of which must be junior/senior level and one of which must be a writing intensive course. 4. The UM Biology GPA must be at least 2.0. 5. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required (with a maximum
of 30 credit hours of professional credit allowed toward the degree) and 36 of these must be at the junior/senior level. Electives may be taken from any area once other degree requirements have been met.