UMKC Catalog


Advising & Registration

For advising in regard to their degree programs, students need to contact the CSEE Department Office. Each student is assigned a faculty and staff adviser. The goal is to have the same faculty and staff member be the student's academic advisers throughout the duration of his/her study. Students are required to meet with their faculty and staff adviser every semester prior to registration for the following semester. The student may call the CSEE Department office to schedule this appointment. The faculty adviser guides the student in selecting courses that are necessary for completion of degree requirements and answers questions regarding elective course programs and options as well as giving career guidance.  The staff adviser assists students with day-to-day university operations in admissions, registration and records guidance. During the advising period, the faculty adviser determines whether the student is meeting degree requirements by reviewing the program advisement form. The staff adviser reviews the Degree Audit Report (DARS) and determines if the student is meeting the university requirements. Any deviations by a student are corrected immediately. Specific information regarding registration is found in the UMKC Class Schedule found in Pathway and on the UMKC Web site at