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Bachelor of Information Technology
Prior to graduation, students will develop a sound analytical mindset based in a foundation of algorithmic principles and computer science theories. They will demonstrate a basic understanding of the necessary technologies and tools that pertain to the construction of software processes, components, or programs of varying complexity to solve problems. They will demonstrate the ability to develop and deploy computer systems in a user oriented environment, and work effectively on teams to manage system development projects. They will understand their professional, ethical and social responsibilities and communicate effectively with a range of audiences. They will recognize the need for, and will be able to engage in, continuing professional development.

In particular, they will apply the core technologies from computer science and information technology when solving problems in such areas as:

  • Software development
  • Network operation and administration
  • Digital media
  • Database administration
  • Web engineering
They will develop an in-depth understanding of the business context where these technologies will be employed and will have appropriate business experience through the internship program.

High school students planning to apply to the information technology program are strongly urged to take a college preparatory program that emphasizes mathematics, science and communication skills.

First-time college student applicants to the undergraduate program in information technology will be admitted if they obtain:

  1. An ACT mathematics score of at least 25 and
  2. An ACT composite score of at least 24 or
    a high school class rank in the upper 25 percent.

First-time college student applicants who do not meet the above criteria but do meet UMKC general admission requirements may be admitted on probation or into the University College.

Students without the prerequisite preparation must take the needed coursework before enrolling in courses required for the bachelor's degree. Students seeking re-admission must have been in good academic standing when last enrolled. Otherwise, re-admission requires a formal review by the undergraduate program committee.

Transfer students (i.e., from community colleges) will be admitted provided they have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; however, a higher GPA is strongly recommended for students pursing this rigorous degree program. Their coursework is accepted for transfer credit per university-wide policy, but will replace degree requirements only if a grade of C or higher is obtained and if either their content is equivalent to course requirements of the degree program/courses at the University of Missouri-Kansas City or the transfer is approved as part of a transfer articulation agreement. Not all courses taken at other institutions will transfer, and if they transfer, they might not satisfy specific degree requirements. Students taking courses at other institutions are welcome (and encouraged) to check the transferability of coursework before taking these courses at the home institution.

Coursework requirements for the B.I.T. degree are categorized into several areas totaling at least 120 hours of study. 

Computer Science/Information Technology (49 Hours)
COMP-SCI 101    Prob. Solv. & Prog I                                     
COMP-SCI 111    Intro to CS
COMP-SCI 191    Discrete Structures I
COMP-SCI 201R  Prob. Solv & Prog II
COMP-SCI 201L   Prob. Solv & Prog II Lab
COMP-SCI 281R   Intro to Computer Architecture
COMP-SCI 291     Discrete Structures II
COMP-SCI 303     Data Structures
COMP-SCI 304WI Ethics and Professionalism
COMP-SCI 431    Intro. to Operating Systems
COMP-SCI 470    Intro. to Database Mgmt. Systems
COMP-SCI 371   Database Design, Implementation & Validation
INFO-TEC 222    Multimedia Production & Concepts
INFO-TEC 321   Intro. to Computing Resources Admin.
INFO-TEC 350   Object Oriented Software Development

INFO-TEC Course Specialty I*
INFO-TEC Course Specialty II*
INFO-TEC Course Specialty III*
*See adviser for course options

General Education Synthesis (6 Hours)
COMP-SCI 449   Fund. of Software Engr.
COMP-SCI 451R Software Engineering Capstone
Anatomy of Business (15 Hours)
ACCTNG 210  Principles of Accounting
MKT 324   Elements of Marketing Concepts
DSOM 326  Operations Management
Business Electives:
(Choose two of the following)
MGT 306MGT 330, FIN 325, ENT 215, CE 311
Life and Physical Sciences (8-10 Hours)
One Life Science
One Physical Science
To include at least one laboratory component
Mathematics (7 Hours)
MATH 210  Calculus I
STAT 235  Statistics
Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Hours)
HISTORY 101, 102, 360R or POL-SCI 210
(Meets MO constitution requirement)
ECON 202  Introduction to Economics II
Elective: Criminal Justice, Geography, Economics, History,
Political Science, Psychology, Social Science or Sociology
Communicating (9 Hours)
ENGLISH 110  Freshman English I
ENGLISH 225  Freshman English II
COMM-ST 110  Fundamentals of Speech
Humanities and Fine Arts (6 Hours)
Elective: Art/Art History, Communications Studies (above 110), Conservatory, English Literature, Foreign Language (not native language to student), Philosophy or Theater
Internship Requirement (3 Hours)
Students with appropriate CS/IT business experience may petition to replace the intership requirement with a 3 credit hour senior CS/IT course.
General Electives (9-10 Hours)
Total Minimum Requirement: 120 hours

B.I.T. students may take courses from the following speciality areas:




INFO-TEC 350, COMP-SCI 461, COMP-SCI 423, COMP-SCI 456 or COMP-SCI 475.

Other courses are routinely available as special topics courses, such as INFO-TEC 490. Please see your adviser or check the actual course offerings.

For suggested four year plans, please see the registrar’s website: