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Graduate Certificate in Periodontics

Student Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes have been developed and adopted by the faculty. These goals, skills, and knowledge must be demonstrated by every graduate to qualify for graduation. The Department of Periodontics assess these outcomes in the classroom, the laboratory, and through treatment of clinical cases over the length of the program, using examinations, presentation of papers, and review of clinical treatment.

The competencies expected of a graduate are:

  • Have an understanding of the biology and pathology of the periodontium.
  • Be soundly based in the interpretation of the dental literature in periodontics.
  • Be clinically competent to conceptualize, rationalize and defend periodontal therapy in advanced cases. In addition, he/she should be aware of and have performed current therapeutically accepted periodontal modalities.
  • Be innovative and logically reason using prior biological information.
  • Be worthy of the title "Specialist".
  • Be able to communicate, motivate and educate patients and general dentists on their level.
  • Believe in the necessity of continuing education and self-enrichment.
  • Assume leadership in the advancement of periodontics in his/her community. He/she also should be active in the American Academy of Periodontology.
  • Be able to demonstrate an organizational ability to collect and present data.
  • Be able to interpret the collected data and subsequently to diagnose, prognosticate and develop a Comprehensive Treatment Plan.
  • Be able to evaluate, critically, the results of therapy.
  • Be able to demonstrate his/her ability to perform all the above activities in a professional manner.
  • Design, conduct and present a research project. Each research project must be written in a format suitable for publication.

Program Requirements

Residents enrolled in the Periodontics Advanced Education Program must complete the following requirements:

   1. Graduate students, regardless of classification, must maintain a 3.0 (B) grade point average for all course work taken for graduate credit at UMKC.
   2. Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 (B) grade point average in their graduate level specialty course work.
   3. Grades in specialty area course work must be B or better.  Any specialty area course that is graded below B must be repeated.

Required Core Curriculum

Course #

Credit Hours
PERIO 5701
Periodontal Residency I
PERIO 5702
Periodontal Residency II
PERIO 5703
Periodontal Residency III
PERIO 5704
Periodontal Residency IV
PERIO 5705
Periodontal Residency V
PERIO 5706
Periodontal Residency VI1-6
PERIO 5707
Periodontal Residency VII1-6
PERIO 5708
Periodontal Residency VIII1-6
PERIO 5709
Periodontal Residency IX
PERIO 5719
BMS 9701
Head & Neck Anatomy
BIO-SCI 5740
Oral Pathology
RES-ME 5700
Introduction to Research Methodology
BIO-SCI 5710
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry of
Cranial Facial Biology
RES-ME 5704
Introduction to Biostatistics
BIO-SCI 5805
Molecular Biology of Oral Microflora
BIO-SCI 5760
Physiology of Oral Hard Tissues
BIO-SCI 5759
Special Problems in Pharmacology
BIO-SCI 5802