UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education

Students who complete this program will earn the bachelor of arts in elementary education. Successful completion of this program includes a teacher work sample and meeting Missouri state certification testing requirements. This results in eligibility for UMKC's recommendation for elementary certification (grades first-sixth) in Missouri.

A 2.75 cumulative GPA is required at completion of program. Grades of C or better are required in all subject matter and professional education classes. Consult with an academic adviser to determine specific course requirements.

Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education Course Requirements

EDUC 180              Introduction to Education

ENGLISH 110          English I: Introduction to Academic Prose

ENV-SCI 110R        Understanding the Earth

ENV-SCI 110L         Understanding the Earth Laboratory

HISTORY 206         World History


HISTORY 208           World History                

 MATH 130                Number Systems and Related Topics

BIOLOGY 102           Biology and Living

BIOLOGY 102L         Biology and Living Laboratory

COMM-ST 110          Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and Listening

CONSVTY 285          Elementary Music Methods

 MATH 140                Mathematics for Teachers: Elementary Geometry

Humanities Elective    Class from Art, Conservatory, English, Foreign Language, Philosophy or Theater

ENGLISH 225            English II: Intermediate Academic Prose 

HISTORY 101            American History to 1877


HISTORY 102           American History since 1877

PHYS-ED 312            Physical Education for Teachers

POL-SCI 210             American Government

TCH-ED 403              Educational Psychology

TCH-ED 201              Children's Literature

TCH-ED 404              Education of the Exceptional Child and Youth

EDUC 149                 Economics in the K-8 Classroom

GEOG 105                 Introduction to the Elements of Geography

PHYS-ED 401            Health Teaching in the Schools

STAT 234 or STAT 235        Elementary Statistics (or College Algebra)

TCH-ED 385              Teaching and Learning with Technology

EDUC 289FD             Introductory Foundations

ENGLISH 250            Introduction to Language Acquisition and Diversity

TCH-ED 400              Child Development

TCH-ED 408WI          Advanced Foundations

EDUC 389CI              Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 389LI               Literacy, Social Studies, and the Arts I

EDUC 389LM             Literacy, Social Studies, and the Arts II

EDUC 489LI              Literacy, Social Studies, and the Arts III

EDUC 489LM             Literacy, Social Studies, and the Arts IV

EDUC 389LT              Learning Theory I

EDUC 489LT              Learning Theory II

TCH-ED 413              Mathematics in the Elementary School

EDUC 389CA            Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Effectiveness

TCH-ED 417             Science in the Elementary School

EDUC 428                Cultural Diversity and American Education

TCH-ED 431             Community Immersion

EDUC 489MS            Math and Science in the Elementary School

EDUC 489CI             Teaching Apprenticeship I

EDUC 489CD            Teaching Apprenticeship II

TCH-ED 259             Intro to Urban Education

TCH-ED 365             Seminar in Teacher Identity, Power & Privilege

TCH-ED 316             Integrated Methods: Literacy, Social Studies and the Arts I

TCH-ED 310             Instruction for Diverse Learners

TCH-ED 317             Integrated Methods; Literacy, Social Studies and the Arts II

TCH-ED 497             Teaching Internship

TCH-ED 318             Literacy Assessment and Instruction

TCH-ED 419             Student Teaching

TCH-ED 429             Effective Practices for Teaching Math, Science to Diverse Learners

PHYS-ED 401           Health Teaching in the Schools
                             Course includes required Red Cross certification in First Aid, CPR and AED.


Completion of  at least 120 credit hours including all course work listed

Written English Proficiency Test passed

Passing score on Praxis II: Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment examination

Teacher Work Sample