UMKC Catalog


Academic Amnesty Policy
The University of Missouri-Kansas City has an Amnesty policy to enable those students who did not perform adequately in their undergraduate enrollment at UMKC to be given a second chance to pursue their academic goals. The policy is as follows:

I. A student may apply or petition for amnesty if she or he meets the following requirements:

  1. Has not been enrolled at UMKC at any time during the past two years.
  2. Applies for readmission at UMKC and applies for academic amnesty at the same time or applies for amnesty before the end of the first semester of re-enrollment.
Note: Amnesty will not be considered for students who are concurrently enrolled or who intend to enroll at colleges and universities other than UMKC.

II. Academic Amnesty will be implemented as follows:

  1. Grades for all UMKC courses taken in the semester or semesters for which amnesty is requested will be marked if the request is approved. The student may not choose specific courses to be included, leaving other courses with an unmarked original grade.
  2. The original grade will remain on the student's record, but will be marked by an "x" preceding the grade. For plus/minus grades, the plus or minus will be dropped and the base grade will be used. For example, grades of A, B+, B, B-...F will be changed to XA, XB, ....XF. These hours and grades will remain on the transcript, but will not count toward cumulative hours nor GPA, nor can they be used to fulfill any degree requirements, regardless of the original grade.
  3. A statement "Grades granted amnesty by faculty committee action" (or similar) will follow the courses granted amnesty.
  4. The change to the transcript will be processed within 30 days following an approved petition for amnesty but in no case sooner than the end of the fourth week of classes in the first term in which the student re-enrolls. If the student then withdraws before grades are awarded at the end of that term the grades will be returned to the original grades.
  5. Students can receive amnesty only one time.