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Library and Information Services

Information services, including periodicals, computer literature searching and a full range of innovative reference services, are available through the Health Sciences Library. For more information, see the section on Library Services.

Medical Education Media Center


The MedicalEducationMediaCenter is a learning resources facility that offers over 3,000 anatomical and physical exam models, audiovisual programs and instructional software. Collection development is primarily in support of the School of Medicine curriculum for classroom instruction and self-study. However, additional services provide a collection of audiovisual CME, USMLE study/review titles and a subscription to the online testing bank Exam Master. Exam Master provides over 17,000 board type questions for USMLE Steps 1-3 and medical specialty boards (UMKC SOM user ID/password required).

The facility offers a computer lab with Internet access, open tables for model usage and an audiovisual viewing room equip with DVD and video players for small groups. Our quarterly newsletter, “MultiMedia Memo,” may be found at:

For access to our online catalog, Exam Master or general information, go to our web site: .

Location: UMKCSchool of Medicine, 2nd floor, room M2-C04A Phone: 816-235-1832; 816-235-1864 Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Information Services

Information Services are maintained by the department of Evaluation and Computer Resources (ECR).

ECR provides all computer-related support for all Faculty/Staff/Students and various research groups within the School of Medicine.

In addition to providing support and many other services, including the School of Medicine’s official web site, it also maintains computer and printing resources for student use which are accessible 24/7 in the building, with additions to follow in the future.

ECR also maintains a Digital Signage Network that allows the creation and delivery of targeted messages (i.e. Text/Image/Audio/Video) that timely inform and educate the audience of relevant news, events, and other happenings, in high-traffic areas throughout the School of Medicine.

Current resources include:

38 - Dell/Windows XP workstations that are found in all Student Unit areas on the 4th/5th floors. Each of the 8 Student Unit areas also incorporates a conference room workstation with a large monitor setup for presentations, etc.


18 - Dell/Windows XP workstations located in the Technical Learning Center (TLC) on the 3rd floor.  Note:Currently, use of lab is by reservation only.


4 – Dell XPS One/Windows Vista Kiosk workstations located in the Theater A lobby on the 1st floor.


3 - Apple iMac/Windows XP Kiosk workstations located in the main lobby on the 1st floor.


2 - Dell/Windows XP Kiosk workstations located in the Canteen/Vending area on the 1st floor.


2 - Dell/Windows XP Kiosk workstations located outside the Health Sciences Library on the 2nd floor.


2 - Dell/Windows XP Kiosk workstations located next to the TrumanMedicalCenter entrance on the 4th floor.


The School of Medicine also incorporates a secured, wireless network that virtually covers the entire building. Additionally, much of the UMKC Volker and Hospital Hill campus buildings have additional wireless access coverage areas for your convenience. For more information on wireless locations and details, please visit: