UMKC Catalog


Master of Music in Music Theory Required Courses
CONSVTY 5593 Introduction to Research and Bibliography in Music3   
CONSVTY 5524B Advanced Analysis II - Common Practice Period3
CONSVTY 5524C Advanced Analysis III - Contemporary Period3
CONSVTY 5526A Introduction to Schenkerian Theory and Analysis3
CONSVTY 5526B Schenkerian Analysis3
CONSVTY 5591G Pedagogy of Music Theory I3
Music History (Graduate Level)3
CONSVTY 5598 Research Problems2
CONSVTY 5599 Thesis6
Total hours (minimum)35

Piano Proficiency Requirement:

The Conservatory's undergraduate piano proficiency requirement must be met.


Applied Music Requirement:

Successful completion of one of the following is required:

  • If the student qualifies for applied music at the 302 level, then no applied study is required.
  • If the student does not qualify through audition for applied music at the 302 level, then the student must enroll for applied study for three semesters or until the 301 jury is passed.

Foreign Language Requirement:

For all masters students in Music Theory, a grade of B- (2.7) or better in a first-semester, sophomore-level foreign language course or C (2.0) work or better in each of two junior-level courses or in one senior-level literature or civilization course is viewed as an adequate demonstration of foreign language skills. Students must study French, German, Italian or Latin unless the substitution of another langage is approved by a minimum of two-thirds of the supervisory committee. A language proficiency test, if provided by language instructors or departments, may be substituted for course requirements provided it documents language capabilities equivalent to the previously described courses. In such cases, a letter from the university langage professor, describing the process and results, must be forwarded to the Conservatory Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.