UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Arts in Music
The bachelor of arts in music degree program recognizes students' diverse interests and the shifting vocational market. This program of study offers students great flexibility in designing programs that emphasize their musical strengths, as well as their abilities in other fields.

The Conservatory's bachelor of arts in music degree requires a minimum of 129 credit hours of study. Fifty-four credit hours will be in music, including music theory and history, applied music, ensemble, listening laboratory and electives. There are approximately 48 credit hours required in the field of biological, physical and social sciences, and the humanities. A secondary specialty area, known as an area of concentration, requires approximately 15-18 credit hours from a block of 27 credit hours of electives.

Students accepted into the Conservatory's bachelor of arts music program have great freedom in designing individual programs of study around their musical training. They may take courses in such areas as business, communications, English, theater, computer science, foreign languages and music therapy, which may lead to a double-major degree.