UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Design - Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree in planning should have significant exposure to each of the basic subject areas of knowledge, skills and values.

Knowledge of

  • Structure and functions of urban settlements.
  • History and theory of planning processes and practices.
  • Administrative, legal and political aspects of plan-making and policy implementation.
  • Familiarity with at least one area of specialized knowledge of a particular subject or set of issues.
Skill in
  • Problem formulation, research skills and data gathering.
  • Quantitative analysis and computers.
  • Written, oral and graphic communication.
  • Collaborative problem solving, plan-making and program design.
  • Synthesis and application of knowledge to practice.
Value in
  • Issues of equity, social justice, economic welfare and efficiency in the use of resources.
  • The role of government and citizen participation in a democratic society and the balancing of individual and collective rights and interests.
  • Respect for diversity of views and ideologies.
  • The conservation of natural resources and of the significant social and cultural heritages embedded in the built environment.
  • The ethics of professional practice and behavior, including the relationship to clients and the public, and the role of citizens in democratic participation.