Your health and safety are important to us.

Campus leadership has consulted with other staff and public health officials and medical experts to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to help protect the health and safety of our community. 

If you test positive for COVID-19:

UMKC has a notification process for employees. Start with this step:

  • Employees: Contact your supervisor.
  • After-hours: Call 816-235-COVI.

Do not visit campus or any public areas. Follow the advice of your health-care provider, cooperate with contact tracing with public health officials and continue to practice good health hygiene. 

Within four hours of your learning of your positive test, you need to start the process for notifying UMKC so we can notify campus of a positive case and begin necessary sanitization.

Workplace Regulations, Recommendations and Etiquette

Answers to many additional questions you may have can be found below in the Staff FAQ. You may have many questions that are not addressed in the current set of FAQs. We recognize that there may be times when employees require additional support that our current policies do not contemplate or accommodate. If you confront a particularly difficult circumstance, Human Resources is available to offer employment-related guidance and support.

Staff FAQ

For information regarding the UM System vaccination policy and exemptions, please visit our Vaccines page.

For information regarding on-campus and off-campus vaccine opportunities, visit our Vaccines page.

For information on the latest masking guidance, please visit the Health and Safety page.

To find testing availability on campus, visit

There are several options to receive a free COVID-19 test.

Click here to find testing availability through the Kansas City Health Department.

Click here to find testing availability through the Jackson County Health Department.

Testing can also be found through private pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS.


Supervisors are encouraged to provide telework options to employees, including non-exempt employees, whose job duties can be performed remotely without hampering operations. UM Human Resources has information and tools available if considering flexible work arrangements.

Paid time off

Benefit-eligible Administrative, Service & Support employees and certain non-regular academic employees may use the following paid time off:

  1. Sick leave, HR-404 Sick Leave
  2. Vacation leave, HR-402 Vacation  
  3. Personal days, HR-403 Personal Days.

12-month faculty may use any of their unused four weeks (20 days per year) of annual leave, CRR 320.070 Academic Appointments.

Non-benefit eligible employees will be approved for leave without pay.

Please consult your university, hospital, or system human resources for additional guidance.

What are the current guidelines?

This summer, we will begin to see university-related travel return. Domestic travel may resume as long as participants follow CDC guidelines. Anyone who is planning international travel will need approval from their dean, vice chancellor or vice provost.

In the fall, university travel, domestic and international, will resume with people following all guidelines and restrictions according to the CDC. This includes study-abroad programs.

What are the quarantine guidelines for international travel?

People who are fully vaccinated, meaning 14 days past the last shot in their vaccination series, are not required to quarantine upon entry into the U.S. They are still required to test within 3-5 days following entry and quarantine if they are symptomatic. The caveat is that they need a vaccine approved in the U.S. We currently have the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines approved.

Nothing has changed for those who are unvaccinated. Their options remain to get tested on day 3-5 following entry and quarantine for 7 days after travel. If they choose not to be tested, they are required to quarantine for 10 days after travel.

As always, unvaccinated travelers should avoid being around those at risk for 14 days and report any onset of COVID-like symptoms that may occur during the 14 days following travel.

No. There is no reimbursement of home internet or other expenses for business use.  

No. The university does not pay for doctor’s appointments.

Employees shall continue to follow department established guidelines for attendance and requesting approval for time off. Departments are encouraged to support employees to stay home if they are sick, thereby minimizing the spread of potential viruses. Paid Time Off benefits are available in accordance with policy.

An employee who is sick or whose family members are sick may be entitled to job-protected leave under the FMLA under certain circumstances.  

For more information about the university's liability, please see MO Senate Bill 51.

Addressing workplace concerns during a virus-related outbreak are complex and ever-changing. First and foremost, help employees reduce unwarranted fears by focusing on facts provided by the CDC and remain consistent with the messaging provided by the university.

Employees should be supported and provided a safe and inclusive environment. Obtain information about the source of their concerns to consider alternative working arrangements, if feasible. Consult with Human Resources to determine if accommodations are appropriate based on reliable information. 

Under these situations, supervisors are encouraged to provide telework options to employees, including non-exempt employees, whose job duties can be performed remotely without hampering operations. UM Human Resources has information and tools available if considering flexible work arrangements.

Please consult your HR Business Partner for additional guidance