UMKC leadership have been working with public health officials and medical experts to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to help protect the health and safety of our community. The following are resources to help our UMKC community during COVID-19.


Free COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and staff

Driveup, rapid testing available on campus by appointment at

Updates on the the COVID-19 vaccine

The UMKC Health Sciences deans keep us posted with a Q & A on the latest developments and distribution plans for the Kansas City area and our campus community.

If you test positive, were exposed to COVID-19 or are exhibiting symptoms:

UMKC has notification processes for both students and employees. Start with this step: 

  • Students: Call the Student Helpline, 816-235-2222.
  • Employees: Contact your supervisor.
  • After-hours: Call 816-235-COVI.

Do not visit campus or any public areas. Follow the advice of your health-care provider, cooperate with contact tracing with public health officials and continue to practice good health hygiene

If you test positive, stay home. Within four hours of your learning of your positive test, you need to start the process for notifying UMKC so we can notify campus of a positive case and begin necessary sanitization.

For more information, see Health and Safety

We care for all Roos during this difficult time

As this situation continues to evolve, we understand that some among us may face unique challenges related to health or caregiving. We ask that you stay in close communication with your professors and/or supervisor regarding any issues that may impact your ability to participate in class or at work.

Each of us should do our part to minimize risk while simultaneously working to promote the UMKC Culture of Care during this time. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that discrimination, shunning and bullying that sometimes accompany an outbreak never occur at UMKC.

Campus Updates for Spring Semester

Modality changes announced for first two weeks

Free COVID-19 Testing For Students, Faculty and Staff

Rapid diagnostic tests available by appointment

Safety Modifications for Classrooms and Offices

Shields and rearranged furniture are among the changes

Our Top 10 Roo Responsibilities to Each Other

Cooperation is vital to managing pandemic

Cleaning on Campus

University taking precautions during pandemic