Ally Education Resources

An LGBTQIA+ ally is not something you become after attending a single training or reading an article; it is a commitment to lifelong learning and a concerted effort to becoming more culturally competent. Here are some resources you can use as a starting point in your ally journey.



Trainings and Workshops

Learn more about how homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism affect us all. Start your journey in helping make our campus a safer and freer environment for all members of the community, regardless of sexual or gender diversity.

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Names and Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that a person uses to identify themselves. Many are familiar with he/him and she/her pronoun sets; however, some people use other pronouns or simply request they be referred to by their first name instead of a pronoun.

We encourage and expect that you use a person’s chosen name and pronouns. In an effort to foster a less-stressful environment for our students, we ask that you respect students’ gender identities and gender expressions and make a conscious effort to use their chosen name and pronouns when referring to them.

Not using a student’s correct name and pronouns can make the student feel disrespected, can potentially out this student to their peers and can create a classroom environment that could be very difficult for them to thrive in.

Pronouns may seem grammatically challenging at first but can be used effortlessly with commitment and practice.

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Questions? That's OK!

One of the best ways to create an inclusive learning environment is to use your resources to become knowledgeable and stay up to date about these issues. UMKC Programs & Services is available to help answer questions you may have.