Trans+ Health

We understand safe and affordable health care can be challenging for the trans+ community. We hope you will find support from our UMKC and community resources.

jars of cotton swabs and other medical equipment on the counter at the Student Health Center

Campus Resources

UMKC Roo Wellness

UMKC Roo Wellness is committed to providing quality health care for all students, including those who identify as transgender. We are aware that transgender individuals are often inadequately served by the health-care community. Roo Wellness is here to care for you and your concerns. We are a safe space to discuss any and all health issues and concerns.

Current initiatives
  • Ongoing training in transgender issues for all Student Health Center staff and providers
  • Working with UMKC Division of Student Affairs with the chosen name process in Pathway to have preferred name on your medical records
  • Paperwork modification for inclusivity of all individuals from all backgrounds, including those who identify as transgender
  • Providing an all-gender bathroom within the clinic

We aspire to expand our skills to meet the distinct needs of our transgender students. If any needs of a student is beyond our current skills, our nurse practitioners can refer students to specialists in the community to promote and improve the care you deserve. In addition, Roo Wellness invites feedback from transgender individuals and the community on ways we can continue to improve our services.

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UMKC Counseling Center

The UMKC Counseling Center fosters the psychological well-being, personal development and educational potential of our diverse student, faculty, staff and campus community. Although our staff are not able to provide WPATH support, they remain committed to ensuring our trans+ community is supported at UMKC. The Counseling Center provides confidential and limited free sessions to all UMKC students who need help adjusting to campus life or meeting their academic goals.

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UMKC Community Counseling and Assessment Services

UMKC Community Counseling and Assessment Services (CCAS) is committed to providing a variety of affordable counseling and assessment services to greater Kansas City. Their counselors combine education, research and a sincere passion for their work to help you meet your goals and potential. CCAS can assist trans+ individuals with WPATH support and charge based on a sliding-scale fee structure for students or households with limited income.

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UMKC Health Insurance Plan

The Anthem Student Advantage health insurance plan covers hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If you are enrolled in the student health insurance plan and have questions regarding LGBTQIA+ coverage, please contact Roo Wellness to make an appointment. At that appointment, you and the nurse practitioner can open discussion on your needs and the services Roo Wellness can offer.

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Kansas City Trans+-Inclusive Health-Care Providers

University Health

University Health is committed to providing comprehensive and sensitive care to the LGBTQIA+ community in a welcoming and affirming setting. Providers from five disciplines collaborate to provide top-quality, gender-affirming care to LGBTQIA+ patients. Their team consists of a primary care physician, an endocrinologist, a psychologist, a pharmacist and a nurse. From preventive care to chronic disease or sexual health monitoring and STD and HIV testing, their team is equipped to help.

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The LGBT-Affirmative Therapist Guild of Greater Kansas City

The LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild of Kansas City is a community-based, grassroots organization of licensed mental and medical health-care professionals, as well as students-in-training. They share a collaborative commitment to make affirming, culturally competent health care available for all sexual and gender minorities based on the premise that LGBTQIA+ and heterosexual identities are equally valid.

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Family Health Care KC

Family Health Care (FHC) is a nonprofit safety net clinic that provides health services on a sliding scale for those who do not have insurance. They focus on caring for those who have the fewest options — people with HIV and serious illnesses, pregnant women and other populations in need.

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KC CARE Health Center

The mission of KC CARE is to promote health and wellness by providing quality care, access, research and education to the underserved and all people in the community.

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