Our coordinators and instructors work together to provide dual credit courses to more than 60 high schools in Missouri.

Counselors and Site Coordinators

High school counselors and site coordinators connect the high school to UMKC. They promote HSCP dual credit opportunities to students, collect teacher credentials, determine student eligibility and assist in the enrollment process.

Department Chairs and Department Dual Credit Coordinators

UMKC department chairs and dual credit coordinators are UMKC faculty members who help design and deliver the dual credit courses offered in high schools throughout the state. They help ensure that dual credit courses are equivalent to the courses offered on campus.

The HSCP general handbook includes lists of counselor and coordinator duties.

View the general handbook (PDF)

View the department coordinator checklist (PDF)

Meet the department coordinators (PDF)

Dual Credit Teachers

UMKC dual credit teachers are highly qualified, college instructors. The Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education requires dual credit teachers to meet the same qualifications as adjunct faculty teaching the same course on campus.

Dual credit instructors must have a master’s degree and a minimum of 18 graduate-level credit hours appropriate to the academic field in which they are teaching.

Approval of specific courses and respective dual credit instructors will be based upon credentials and recommendations of the department chair.

Instructors must complete a class roster listing all participating dual credit students and their GPA/ACT score. Class rosters must be signed by the instructor and school registrar or counselor, or forms won't be processed.

Master teachers in the HSCP program